Too Young – Fiction Writing Essay

You walk into the Marriot Hotel. You are at your 10 year high school reunion. There are beautiful chandeliers, balloons, and flashes from cameras fill the room. The tables are draped with beautiful dining clothes. The forks are set to the left of the plates and knife and spoon are to the right. As you approach a table with your wife you see the blond haired beauty of your past coming towards you. “Oh, my gosh.

It’s been forever. How have you been? ” she says. “Good Tiffany, good! ” Man, she looks even more amazing now than she did in high school. “I’m sorry.This is my wife Kelly,” you say.

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I can’t believe you’re married. And she’s so pretty,” says Tiffany as she smiles quickly at your wife with her lips closed and head slightly tilted. “Thank you. Well, how have you been? ” Tiffany twirls her hair with her fingers and responds, “Well, right now I am working with a modeling agency and just bought a new Mazda Miata! ” “Wow, that’s great,” you say. You cut the conversation short and proceed to your table. You never thought seeing her again would bring back so many emotions.You look back on that night in high school when your world changed forever and ealize why her appearance has brought back an assortment of feelings. You were 17 years old and just arrived home from a party.

You only had a couple of beers at the party because you had to awake early for church in the morning. After taking a late night shower, you lie down on the couch to fall asleep. However, you could not fall asleep because you were thinking about that blond-haired girl of your life. She was amazing. Countless nights you would stay up talking and laughing with her over the phone.

You went to dances and movies together. This was the first girl you ever kissed.Many times your nly motivation to attend school was to be with the girl you loved. After an hour of tossing and turning on your couch, the phone rang. You throw the cover off of you and answer, “Hello? ” You hear whimpering in the background and for some odd reason you know it’s her.

“Tiffany, Is this you? ” “Yes. ” “What’s wrong? Why are you crying? ” “My step-dad hit me. ” “Again? This is bullshit.

I’m coming over. ” “No. You don’t have too,” she says. “I don’t care. I’m coming.

” You rushed down your stairs, threw on a pair of jeans, and took your parents car.You know your parents would kill you if they caught you riving under the influence but you have to protect the girl you love. Your hands are sweating as you soar down roads to her house. You can’t believe that a man would ever hit a girl of Tiffany’s beauty. However, you’re furious that her step-father did and you want to make a stand against him.

You slam the breaks in front of her drive way making a loud screeching noise. As she walks towards the car you wind down your window. “You all right? Where’s he at? ” “I’ll be fine.

You should get going. ” “What do you mean? He just hit you and you want me to leave? “”My mom threw him out about ten minutes ago,” she says. You sure you’re all right? ” “Yeah.

I’ll call you tomorrow. ” You want to stay longer. You want to hug and hold the slender blond figure in front of you.

You want to comfort the sad looking face, with beet red cheeks, and glazed eyes. But you realize you can’t. You have to get home before your parents find out your gone. You turn around the car and fly down the same roads you came to her house on. As you zip by houses, you come down a steep hill and reach for your radio. You take your head away from the road to change the station. Smack! You have just hit a guard rail.

The car is spinning out of ontrol and you clinch your fists around the steering wheel as hard as you can.You suddenly slam on the brakes but it seems as if it takes an eternity for the car to stop. After one and a half turns, you sit there, not moving, realizing you are doomed. How are you going to explain to your parents that you stole and wrecked the car? You did it for a girl! They would never understand. You know you have to still get the damaged car home. You press down the gas pedal, the engine revs loud but the car does not move.

Your luck has run out and this is the day of your demise. You let the car oll slowly to the side of the road. You get out, sit on the hood, and look at the stars chuckling. You can’t believe this has happened. How could this ever happen to you? Your parents are going to kill you.While standing on the street, you see flashing blue and red lights come flying up the hill.

You know they are for you and comprehend that you can not run because you are busted either way. The cop steps out of his car and approaches you. “What happened son? Are you all right? ” “Yeah, I’m fine.

But my parents are going to kill me? ” “Ah, don’t worry about it. It happens to everyone. You notice the cop lean in closer toward you and says, “Have you been drinking tonight son? ” You realize that you are in more trouble than you could have dreamed of. Right then and there, you wish you could grab the gun off the officer and kill yourself. Being dead is better than the punishment you will face. After your blood test, you exit the hospital and see your parents sitting there waiting for you. The officer explains to them that you have no injuries and hands them a report of the crimes you have committed.

Your mother comes rushing up to you with tears in her eyes.She hugs you so hard you can almost feel bruises starting to form on your arms. “Are you all right? ” “Yes. I’m sorry mom. ” “Don’t ever do that to me again. ” Your stomach is knots because you can see the fear and pain you have caused her. After a moment your father comes walking up to you.

“What the fuck’s wrong with you? The car is ruined. Get over there and get your ass in the truck. ” You are so scared that you can feel your whole body trembling. You try to take control of it, but can’t because of everything that has happened. You are upset because your father did not ask or seem to are that you were safe.But you are even more scared of the punishment that awaits you. “I’m not going home with you, Dad! ” “Oh, yes you are.

” “This is bullshit. You don’t even know what happened. ” “That’s right.

And I don’t care. ” You eventually get into the car because you know you are getting beat either way. After recalling the events that took place that night, you realized many things about yourself and life. You found out later on from Tiffany’s friends that her step-father never hit her.

You realized that the girl you thought you loved was using and always testing you.She was seeing how far you would go for her and controlling your every thought. You were gullible. You were too young to grasp the fact that your mother would risk her own life to save yours. You were too young to apprehend that your father was so tough on you because he actually did care for you and wanted to see you succeed. Ultimately, you were too young to understand life. Note: The whole story except for the high school reunion was true. It was about me and had a major impact on my life.

However, I feel it has changed me as a person for the better.


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