Top Gear TV Show Negative Review? Essay

“A reasonably priced car. ” Really? Reasonably priced car? You got to be joking! I mean really, those immature middle-aged men must be insane. About 70% of the population can’t afford these fascinating, attractive and good-looking sports cars. Why on earth do you people watch it? Honestly, did the BBC brainwash you? Those are cars you never could touch or feel, so why do you bother watching it? And this is one of the main reasons why I find it difficult to get on with the major international winning programme.

It’s not just the awful, atrocious and amiss concept that annoys me, but the moronic, ignorant and imbecilic presenters (Jeremy Clarkson to be specific! ) who has an extremely sexual voice modulation. It’s like encountering a slow, harrowing, and painful death. Now, let’s talk about the pathetic, pitiful and piteous presenters: a three old man (Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May) who begged the poor BBC to present the terrible TOP GEAR. Ridiculous! Let’s talk about Jeremy Clarkson for a starter. This is a raciest middle-aged man who has a ridiculous old style haircut.

Seriously; why would the BBC want a huge, massive block that is 1. 96 m tall (Making him one of the tallest presenters in the BBC team) who is full of himself- always picking on the other two… Now, it’s the Richard Hammond’s turn. This is the most irritating person I ever seen on TV. I mean really, he’s NOT a good driver and his hair gets even more ridiculous each freaking season! Why on earth does he have to repeat Jeremy Clarkson’s words? In my opinion I think he’s a person who’s NOT amusing, never was, never will be either. Yet, the idiot seems to be on TV everywhere! Let’s move on to James May.

Well, I think he’s the best of the worst. Although, every word he utter is completely useless, pointless and unfunny but I have to admit it; I love his striped colourful shirts… Another point that I’d like to express about Top Gear, is the number of seasons made. Seriously; you would think that 19 seasons of Top Gear was enough, but they still make new episodes. Once you seen one episode, you’ve seen them all. This is madness! Top Gear has been around for so long, probably before my dad was born. I mean c’mon! I’d rather watch Fifth Gear now, due to the number of “reasonably priced cars” it display every different episode.

The other thing that drove me crazy is the foolish challenges that are made to give the brainless men a chance to travel around the world, NOT to demonstrate a certain car and its performances. They seem to have a huge budget to waste? Why would anyone ever do that, when you could basically just donate it to charity? The last thing that makes me sick is the idiotic audience. Only the sad and mindless watch this TV show. It’s like they been controlled and dragged in order to laugh over each presenter’s pathetic pronouncements; while standing around helplessly and uselessly, drooling over cars they could never afford.

This is a show that promotes a dangerous driving by making silly, childish and pointless challenges such as the one where they try to drive a sports car at the speed of 250 mph. What kind of example is this to set for the middle-aged?! This concludes me to my final point. Although, Top Gear is the most irritating TV show on TV, but I’m completely addicted to it. I’m a big fan of super-fast cars and who knows? Maybe I just need to get “a reasonably priced car” this weekend.


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