Topic: Is maintaining a diverse Canadian healthcare system important?
Canadian healthcare system is believed to be one of the most effective services all around the world. Thus, for most of Canadians, the healthcare system seems to be their pride. Actually, the healthcare system in Canada is funded by government and provides universally care and treatments for every citizen. Also, the Canadian healthcare system has become diverse due to the influence of cultural diversity in this country. While every individual is unique, each culture has different beliefs, values, and customs that distinguish it from the others. As a result, maintaining a diverse Canadian healthcare system is important because Canada is a multicultural country; language barrier is one of the problems in providing care, and it is a positive way to increase patient satisfaction.
To begin with, diversity in Canadian healthcare is necessary because this country is multicultural. Actually, in recent years, more and more people from other countries immigrate to Canada. Each immigrant keeps maintaining their own culture in all fields. So, the population in Canada has been increasing and becoming diverse due to immigrants. Besides that, culture affects greatly health in different ways. It means that patients are influenced vitally by their particular cultures such as treatments, diagnosis, interaction with healthcare providers, or disease prevention. For example, Asian women are less likely than Western women to have a mammography exam. As a result, many culture groups and immigrants receive no previous medical care as well as medical record in their countries for many reasons. Therefore, that makes difficult for healthcare providers to provide adequate care for those patients. After all, the awareness of cultural diversity as well as maintaining diversity in the healthcare field is very important to give efficient care for Canada’s multiculturalism.
Secondly, Canadian healthcare system should maintain diversity because language is considered as a barrier to healthcare. In her article, Louisa Taylor states that “Statistics Canada surveys show most immigrants arrive in Canada speaking either English or French” (2012). It shows that language is a big problem whenever non-speaking English people access Canadian health care services. If so, both healthcare providers and patients find it hard in communication with each other. For that reason, language and communication barriers can affect the quality of healthcare. In fact, different language can cause misunderstanding or poor comprehension. That can lead to inadequate medical care. Then, it is very useful for that problem to have an interpreter. Also, the interpretation services have developed across Canadian hospitals as an effective method to maintain diverse healthcare system. If there is lack of diversity in healthcare, the language barrier can prevent immigrants from finding healthcare services.

Then, to improve health outcomes, increase patient satisfaction, Canadian healthcare system needs to keep diversity in this field. If professionals know thoroughly their patients’ culture, food, behavior, religion, patients can happily show their feelings leading to break down barriers. So, they can provide their patients with proper care. That can make their patients comfortable. Every healthcare provider should have known about cultural competency or cultural awareness to improve communication skills. By practicing, they have more experience to easily get along with different patients from varied cultures. Therefore, making patients feel more satisfied, improving healthcare outcomes, and reducing patient frustration.

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In conclusion, diversity plays an important role in healthcare and is made up of different cultures, origins, ages, languages, and perspectives. Healthcare needs to maintain a diverse system to get better providing in current and future care. Lack of that may lead to patient dissatisfaction or lower quality of care.

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