Tottenham Case Essay

I. Introduction

Tottenham Hotspur Football Club is an English football nine that founded in 1882 and located in Tottenham. London. Tottenham has been playing in the English Premier League and was one of the oldest squads of all time played in the Premiership. Tottenham was the first English football nine to accomplish the League and FA Cub Double by winning the competitions in the 1960-61 season. Tottenham’s history shows a successful calling with the trophies for the past six decennaries. Tottenham own a place bowl called White Hart Lane with capacity 36. 500 audiences. In 2008. Daniel Levy. president of Tottenham Hotspur Football Club is sing some possibilities to convey his football nine to the upper rank of the British Premier League. Achieving this end requires Levy to see about two things: First is constructing a new bowl and bettering the team’s quality by constructing a new pattern installation or preparation land.

Following other rivals such as Arsenal. Manchester United. and Chelsea that being able to acquire some added grosss and derive a competitory advantage in the participant acquisition market provided by developing a new bowl. Levy as a president of Tottenham Hotspur football nine who understands the kineticss of football nines and ran the nine to digest fiscal stableness and length of service focused on three pillars that he felt could assist set up a foundation of consistent. long tally success: 1 ) the development of a new bowl. 2 ) the edifice of new pattern installation. and 3 ) the continual betterment of the nine through prudent participant acquisitions during the assorted “transfer Windowss. ” The nine already had an understanding to construct the new preparation land merely outside the London.

The nine viewed the preparation land as besides important to the 3rd pillar. which was to continually better the quality of squad. Having a state-of-the-art preparation land was a major merchandising point in enrolling new participants. both immature participants whom they hoped to develop. every bit good as star participants from other nines or states whom they hoped to get. For this instance. 3 options have been analyzed utilizing DCF fiscal analysis. Those options can be seen below:

1. Operating the bing current bowl with 36. 500 seats and maintaining Pavlyuchenko as a individual goal-scorer.

2. Constructing a new bowl with 60. 000 capacities.

3. Constructing a new bowl and sign language in a new participant in the new bowl.

II. Discounted hard currency flow ( DCF ) analysis for current operation a. Cash Flow

This premise has been made in the appraisal of hard currency flow where involvement payment is non included. Net capital disbursement ( NCS ) is gotten by care capital outgo. Workin capital is based on the difference between current plus subtraction hard currency and equivalents and so subtractions with current liabilities. In this computation. we assumed that working capital is relative to Revenue growing of 9 % . except in the last year’s anticipation ( 2020 ) the growing become 4 % .

B. Net Present Value

The Net Present Value for Tottenham is showed to be at ?184. 93. The positive of this NPV suggest that the stockholder can make up one’s mind to maintain the current operation. Chart below shows the NPV and the comparing with other cardinal steps.

The paysheet histories for 81 % of the operating cost while bowl operation merely use 17 % of the operating cost. Broadcast become the highest income ( 39 % ) followed by Attendance ( 23 % ) . Sponsorship ( 21 % ) . and Merchandise/Other ( 17 % ) . With this high operating cost. certainly that EBITDA is merely 9 % of Revenue and Net Income merely 2 % .

III. Tottenham Hotspur – Team Evaluation

The public presentation charts below show the rank and place of Tottenham compared to other prime league’s football nines.

The Enterprise Value ( EV ) has been used as a mention value to rank the squads. EV is normally used to compare other companies with changing degrees of debt. However. enterprise value by itself is non a exact indicant of the company’s fiscal place because the EV can be created by big quotation mark of Debt. A more accurate analysis would hold required comparing the same information during a certain period of clip. With the nature of graduated table of step that’s being used to plot the information. the different prosodies has been divided in different charts. The big difference that occurred doing us to easy split them into two different groups. The first group that can be characterized by medium to high EV. Net debt and gross over ?100M are from Manchester to Liverpool.

The 2nd group includes Tottenham. with average low Net debt and Revenue below ?100M. Tottenham seems holding a healthy fiscal in comparing. The value of Revenues is far in front compared to the value of the Net Debt with positive runing incomes. The operating net income margin’s per centum looks healthier than other squads in same group. The EV to Revenue demo how Tottenham’s gross is being valued by the market. Because gross is non affected by the involvement income/expense line point. the suited value comparing should besides take the effects of capitalisation. as Electron volt does. The EV/Revenues of 2. 08 seems in line with the public presentations in the same group. EV to EBIT shows that the market has valued Tottenham at 31. 20 for its operational consequence. The ratio becomes the highest in its group. Tottenham besides shows that good operation against its gross in relation to the mean net end. The squad seems truly good at taking good advantages of their goal-scorers.

IV. Tottenham – Stock Price and Seasonal public presentation Information

V. DCF – Build a new Stadium

A new bowl will take 2 old ages to be finished and it may ensue in important economic systems of graduated table. The gross will increase 40 % from 2010 and maintaining traveling same in a row boulder clay 2019 and 4 % for 2020. Sponsorship will increase by 20 % from 2010 and it besides maintain growing of additive 9 % boulder clay 2019 and 4 % for 2020. Stadium runing cost will be increased by 14 % from 2010 and maintain growing of additive 4 % boulder clay 2020. In add-on. a revenue enhancement inducement allows countervailing depreciation of ?250M over 10 old ages and the cost of new bowl of ?250M has been allocated during the first 2 old ages. ?120. 17 NPV shows that this determination will be welcomed by the stockholders.

VI. DCF – New Stadium and New Player

For the rights to a end scorer of the quality that Tottenham had in head. the nine need to pay a transportation fee around ?20M. The nine besides anticipated negociating a 10-year contract that would pay the participant ?50. 000 per hebdomad for the 2008 season with scheduled additions of 10 % each twelvemonth. Tottenham expects to increase its figure of ends per season by 12. It will consequence to increased ranking which will increase the gross. ?132. 32 NPV shows that this determination will be truly agreed by the stockholders. Adding the new participant we can see that the NPV increased around ?12. 15M.

VII. Comparison 3 state of affairs

VIII. Recommendation

1. Increasing the ticket monetary value can assist Tottenham in increasing the Gross.
2. Reduce direct and indirect cost and operating expense disbursals
3. Get the loan for constructing a new bowl. With the fiscal support from exterior can assist Tottenham to do the hard currency flow become positive.
4. Lookout immature talented football participant to cut down paysheet.
5. Based on the NPV above. take the 3rd option will be the best manner to put.
6. If the Tottenham acquire the fiscal support to construct a new bowl. they better see enrolling more end scorer to increase the NPV.
7. If they don’t acquire any external fiscal support. they better stay at the current operation. which is runing with the current bowl.


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