Tough luck, dog, no more upstairs Essay

Shadow likes sleeping in his master’s bedroom and, if he can getaway with it, even in the bed, where he isn’t welcome. Hissidekick, a white cat named Mungo, likes to join him: double trouble. So Seattle architect Stephen Matthias designed this gate to keepthem where they belong without blocking the upstairs from sight, sound,or air circulation. It swings on three self-closing hinges.

To form the grillework, Matthias screwed and glued 4-foot-long3/4-inch dowels to fir 1-by-3s; the dowels are spaced about 3 inchesapart so Mungo can’t wiggle through. At top and bottom, the grille was nailed and glued to 3/4-inch fir crosspieces to bring its height tonearly 5 feet–too high for the pets to jump over. The arch at the top was cut from 3/4-inch fir.

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Arch andcrosspieces were then sandwiched by pairs of 1-by-2s that form the gatesides. The gate top is capped with a 1-by-3; the arch sill is a 1-by-6cut on a slight curve to echo the arch.


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