Tough luck, dog, no more upstairs Essay

Shadow likes sleeping in his master’s bedroom and, if he can get
away with it, even in the bed, where he isn’t welcome. His
sidekick, a white cat named Mungo, likes to join him: double trouble.

So Seattle architect Stephen Matthias designed this gate to keep
them where they belong without blocking the upstairs from sight, sound,
or air circulation. It swings on three self-closing hinges.

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To form the grillework, Matthias screwed and glued 4-foot-long
3/4-inch dowels to fir 1-by-3s; the dowels are spaced about 3 inches
apart so Mungo can’t wiggle through. At top and bottom, the grille was nailed and glued to 3/4-inch fir crosspieces to bring its height to
nearly 5 feet–too high for the pets to jump over.

The arch at the top was cut from 3/4-inch fir. Arch and
crosspieces were then sandwiched by pairs of 1-by-2s that form the gate
sides. The gate top is capped with a 1-by-3; the arch sill is a 1-by-6
cut on a slight curve to echo the arch.


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