TOURISM Introduction

The Tourism is as a phenomenon involves the movement of people from one place to another it can be inside and outside of country borders the stay of tourist should not exceed more than 6 months and at least one day.
Tourism is a service industry , it have tangible and intangible tourism product .most of the olden monuments are recognize as UNESCO world heritage site . Tourism is also contributed in national income of country.
The growth in the tourism industry due to the rise in foreign tourist from all over the world .
The factors for the growth of tourism industry in Indian economy:-
• It increases in the general income levels of the people.
• The Aggressive advertisements campaigns on the tourist destinations will attract new customers from advertisement.
• It also rapid growth in Indian economy

Principle 7:- government can also sometime improve market outcome.
The invisible hand is the major factor in guiding economic activity ,rules , polices , maintains the institution that are the important key for market economy .
The tourism minister is Alphorns kannanthanam. The headquarters in New Delhi.

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In tourism industry the government is a invisible hand which guide and control from property rights. The government issue pass port and visa for national and international tourist .they provide protection and peaceful environment in crowed area and have the responsibility of international tourist , it create the image of the country in the eye of tourist .

Government Policies and programs in tourism sectors:-

• In the last two year time , the ministry of tourism is taken many initiatives to provide and boost I tourism sector in India such as swadesh darshann and PRASAD,
Schemes also for tourist mobile apps and incredible India tourism helpline,and given trainings camping for tour operators ,managers ,guide training camps.

Incredible India
The incredible India is a camping that launched by the government of India, tourism ministry. To promote the popular tourists destination in India. In the year 2002.
The word” incredible India ” was adopted as a slogan by the ministry of tourism in India before 2002 they issued pamphlets and brochures for the promotion of tourism ,the ministry was engaged in the services of advertising and marketing firms . To create a new campaign to increase tourist inflows into the country.
This project in India as an attractive tourist destination by showcasing different aspect of India tourism , culture ,traditions ,adventure , religious ,yoga , etc .the campaign was conducted globally to create awareness of India s attraction .
In 2008 , the ministry of tourism launched a campaign targeted at local population to educate the and aware them regarding the good behavior and communities when dealing with foreign tourist .the campaign was commissioned by Indian actor Amir khan campaign title was”Atithidevo bravo”. Because the behavior of local people and community represent our county tourist destinations and image.
• A lot of potential to attract tourist from all over the world.
• Wilder campaign can be planned.
• If the campaign fails to promote it is waste of money of country.
• Competition from neighboring country increase.

Benefits from tourism industry:-
• It creates employments opportunities for local people.
• The local youth learn new things from tourist.
• The public sector services also improve.
• The stander also changes for society when national economy rises.
• The market will have sufficient funds to invest in public and private sectors
Conclusion: –
In tourism sector there is risk involved of tourism products .it create many oppurcnity to grow in national income. this encourage the cultural ,heritage ,tradition of country .this sector government is important role . The surrounding environment situation, climates disturbances, political also effect on tourism demand and supply.


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