Tourism is associated with raveling for pleasure from one country or lace to another and contributing to the world economy

Tourism is associated with raveling for pleasure from one country or lace to another and contributing to the world economy. The world is full of several attracting tourism destinations and one of such famous and tourist’s favorite destination, which has emerged in past few decades is the United Arab Emirates. After looking for a research paper in the Google Scholar, a research paper by Zaidan (2016) who find out the impact of cultural differences and then discussed the cross sectional interaction which is important for the development of tourism in the countries.
The primary aim of this research article was to discuss all the cultural differences between the tourists and the destination and its population so that the positive cross sectional relationship could be influenced and the perception of the tourists about the host country and its population could be identified. The researchers used a logistic regression model to identify the positive and negative issues within the tourism of UAE (Zaidan 2016). Further they conducted a survey to determine the behavior of the people of the host country towards the tourists and it was found that their behavior was able to impact the tourism of the country positively and hence, it was determined as the largest positive impact in the research article. However, it was found that higher price od commodities and goods were one of the most impactful negative factor that affected the tourists and their ability and mostly affected the cross sectional relationship which was the primary base of the tourism within UAE (Zaidan 2016).
Tourism as a whole is an important concept for the world economy as it is beneficial for the exchange of economic factors with exchange of cultural and social factors to increase the cross sectional exchange of values. In this aspect world tourism becomes an important factor for the exchange of all these factors. There are several research articles which were published to understand the trend of tourism in the world and effect of that trend in the tourism of UAE and for this purpose the article of AbuElEnain and Yahia (2017) was used in this assignment for analysis.
Shopping is one of the most important aspects of tourism around the world and Egypt has established it’s difficult spot in the World Tourism (AbuElEnain and Yahia 2017). Shopping related tourism has become one of the major economic developer for the Egypt and other world economies should be able to learn from the example of Egypt so that using shopping related tourism, other countries can also develop higher extent of tourism in their country. Therefore researchers AbuElEnain and Yahia (2017) conducted the research in the context of UAE and then provided details about Egypt and it’s tourism strategies so that comparative study between these two countries can be conducted. Further researchers also provided facts that majority of the tourists travelling to UAE are influenced by its high quality goods and commodities however they are unable to perform shopping because of the high rates and prices of the products. Hence, it is the duty of the government to do needful for the encouragement of the shopping tourism and develop a world class tourism spot in UAE (AbuElEnain and Yahia 2017).


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