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Huanglong valley is also known as Huanglongxi in Chinese. It is one of the most tourists attracting places in Chengdu city which is located in the Sichuan province of China. Huanglongxi is a Chinese historical town which is about 50km from the centre of Chengdu (Tian’fu Square). This ancient town is known for much historical and cultural diversity. The most speciality of this ancient town is that it is named after a river which flows through it which is called as “Huanglong River”. It is greatly admired by visitors for its beautiful natural scenery and ancient Chinese culture
This ancient town was built so long back over 1700 years and still its beauty and charm haven’t faded or lost. It has restored and retained its mind blowing and rustic charm, with its special cobbled streets, temples wharves and houses along its curving alleys. But during recent periods most of these shops have turned into souvenirs stores.
Most of the buildings in Huanglong ancient valley date back from the Qing Dynasty. We can see a number of temples in this town among them some of them are very famous and well known and they are the Zhenjiang Temple, Chaoyin Temple Gulong Temple. Because of this reason, this place is also well known among Chinese people because this place used to be the location for many old Chinese movies. These three temples together with the two other temples with the outer area, attract many visitors from home and abroad. Most of the film makers choose to shoot exterior scenes of ancient period movies in here. There are also temple fairs conducted and organised in Huanglong ancient valley during the ninth day of the sixth and ninth lunar month.

History of Huanglongxi ancient ancient town
Huanglongxi can be dated back to the Western Han (206BC – 24AD). During the Three Kingdoms period (220 – 280), the town had a great military importance to the south of Chengdu (The capital of Shu Kingdome). There is a story behind this town that it was guarded by troops Zhuge Liang, a very famous strategist, statesman and ideologist once led a southern expedition which rather turned into a failure. The loss of this expedition speeded up the decline of the Shu
kingdom which finally led to the collapse of the kingdom. As a Cheng Xiang (an ancient term for prime ministor) of the Shu kingdom, he was famous in Chinese history for his talent to foresee with divine accuracy.
Walking through the street, visitors can notice many historical civilian residences of the Qing and Ming dynasties, which were built in a very different style. When we travel along the river, we can have a view of so many stilt houses, which fully represent the pile-dwelling culture of the Shu people. There are also six ancient trees with histories of more than 800 years cast glamour and beauty all over the town.
Seven ancient streets in Huanglongxi ancient town
With many scenic places of interest, the Huanglongxi ancient town is worth a visit to find the old Chinese culture and customs. There are seven ancient streets located in the Huanglong valley. All these seven ancient streets were built during the ruling period of Ming (1368 – 1644) and Qing (1644 – 1911) dynasties which are still maintained and preserved which makes this town very well known for its ancient cultural diversities. These streets are mainly built with stone slabs, and the porch columns on both sides are orderly arrayed.

Other relics in huanglongxi ancient town
In a visit to Huanglongxi ancient town, travellers find many other antiquities, such as The Ancient Buddha Caves, The Buddha Weir and the Old Battle Field. Many Han burial cases of the Han dynasty on cliffs, with important value for archaeological research, have been found during the recent years. In addition to all that, many cultural and recreational activities are going on whenever there is a festival. To explore the customs here, which hang over from the old days, is an interesting experience. Moreover, due to its beautiful scenery and ancient architecture, Huanglonxi ancient town is an ideal place for making costume films. More than one hundred films and TV plays have been produced so far, including very popular ones like Rabbi Haidang, Zhuo Wenjun and Sima Xiangru and The Song Stresses.

Local foods in Huanglongxi ancient town
Huanglongxi ancient town not only satisfy you with its visual beauty but also with the tempting foods there. Many famous local dishes are favoured by visitors such as the very tasty Sesame cakes, the stone washed bean paste and the fermented beans. Wandering around the whole town, visitors can also go for shopping its local products such as the handmade weavings. Leisure gardens and hotels along the river side are also available.

How to get to Huanglongxi ancient town
Take the bus from Xinnanmen bus station (near the Huaxi campus of Sichuan University), Chadianzi bus station or East Railway station to Huanglongxi, it costs around CNY 15-16.
First of all, the trip takes around an hour.
From Xinnanmen Bus Station : The bus schedules are from 7:30 in the morning to 17:10 in the evening at regular intervals of around 30 minutes. The ticket fare is CNY 16 yuan per person.
From Chadianzi Bus Station : The busses are available from 6:50 in the morning to 19:00 in the evening with a frequency of every half an hour. It cost CNY 15 yuan per person


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