Traditional Foods and Traditional Preaparation of Foods Essay

Title: Convenience foods are more popular in modern life.

Some people claim that traditional foods and traditional methods of food reparation will disappear. To what extent do you agree or disagree with this opinion?The increasing availability of convenience foods has been an important feature of modern life in many developed countries. Some people have claimed that traditional foods and traditional methods of food preparation will disappear. In this essay I think it is unlikely to happen.Nowadays many families rarely spend their time for cooking and convenience foods present an attractive option. The quality and availability of food have been improved significantly so that the range for sale in the supermarket is quite impressive.

However, the growing popularity of cookery programmes such as celebrity chefs and cook books are the main reason to help people to keep the value of cooking and traditional ways of preparing foods. Fresh, locally-produced foods in the farmers’ markets plays an important role for preparation of foods. Furthermore, cooking with basic, natural ingredients is cheaper than buying processed foods.

Moreover, traditional foods are an important aspect of culture and social life. In many countries, people still continue to keep the tradition of regular family gathering in some important celebrations such as Christmas, Chinese New Year by enjoying traditional meals together.Although the utility of convenience foods is one of our concerns in some special cases, but in reality cooking with traditional ways is economically sound and gives us happier time with our families. It is hard to imagine a world in which people do not continue to enjoy traditional, home-cooked meals at least some of the time.


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