Trafficking proposal Essay

Human trafficking: is this ancient crime eternal or can it be stopped? Trafficking in persons is modern-day slavery, involving victims who are forced, defrauded, or coerced into labor or sexual exploitation. The International Labor Organization, the UN agency charged with addressing labor standards, employment, and social protection issues, estimates that 12.3 million people worldwide are enslaved in forced labor, bonded labor, forced child labor, sexual servitude, and involuntary servitude at any given time. Human trafficking is a multi-dimensional threat, depriving people of their human rights and freedoms, risking global health, promoting social breakdown, inhibiting development by depriving countries of their human capital, and helping fuel the growth of organized crime. In 2000, the US Congress passed the Trafficking Victims Protection Act, which provides tools for the US to combat trafficking in persons, both domestically and abroad.

Countries in the annual report are rated in three tiers, based on government efforts to combat trafficking. In this paper I’m going to explain why trafficking has become such a huge issue and describe the different tier levels and talk about some of the worst trafficking places as well as some who have the least trafficking and compare the two. I will discuss ways I believe that can help fade this crime as well as talk about our very own city, Toledo, being fourth worst in our country for trafficking. I plan on using YouTube videos, org sites, and CSI stats. Also one of my old teachers was part of the committee who put together the trafficking convention that Toledo hosted at UT this past year so I plan on getting some information from her as well. I unfortunately believe that we cannot stop this from happening but we can slow the rates more. I expect to learn how bad and prevalent trafficking really is and why it occurs as well as how it happens.


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