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The above question requires one to analyze the behavior of an individual based on the culture. Henceforth it is to a greater extend that an individual behavior is determined by culture. Due to the fact that an individual is born and raised in a society which is believed to be based on a certain culture, it can therefore not be avoided Culture has a very large impact in an individual’s life and mostly one is left with no choice but to follow the belief that occurs in their culture.Therefore culture determine an individual’s behavior, for example if one is born in the African culture o are taught to respect your husband at all times and to be always under him. It is not in all case that women fully want that hence their behavior is determined by culture.

This shows that culture has a lot of influence in an individual’s life According to Druthers, culture Joins people together and he also states that they are certain beliefs that unite people together hence because one once to belong in that certain society ,they end up following the culture ,making it determine their behavior.For example in the same African culture a man is not allowed to marry another man. Hence one is not involved in such act due to respect for culture and need for support. One is therefore force to behavior in a way that pleases the rules of culture. This shows that one’s behavior is based on the influence of the culture hence people will not behave in a manner that they wish because they want to have a sense of belonging It therefore show that an individual’s behavior is mainly influenced by culture.According to o Connors and downing 1995 the highlight that culture is the essence of a person ‘s way of life for example how they dress their marriage systems, therefore nee ‘s behavior is highly affected by culture. Culture will determine the way of marriage and what to be worn on the big day of marriage is usual not determined by the individual.

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Also considering the fact that culture plays a major role in maintaining social in equality.Based on their social origins, acquire capacities for interpreting and using cultural codes that affect their opportunities to maintain or change their social position. In patriarchal situation, it is culture that uphold the position of men over women hence one’s behavior can be determine by culture. The other reason why culture determines an individual’s behavior due to the norms value and beliefs that occurs within a culture, one is no longer at liberty to live life the way one intends to live.

Their actions and behavior will be based on the norms, values and beliefs. For example in Zombie it is a taboo to be homosexual hence people will be limited to culture and their behavior will be as a result of culture. It is therefore true that to a larger extent a human ‘s behavior is based on the influence of culture. Taylor 1871 stated that culture is that complex whole which includes knowledge beliefs morals law customs and other capabilities and habits acquired by an individuals as a member tot society.From his understanding tot culture we note that an individual ‘s behavior can be due to culture so that one gets to belong in a society. A lot of things are therefore expected from individual as part of culture and this will determine one ‘s behavior also looking at Giddiness 1993 argues that culture is a way of life of members of the members of society or groups within a society meaner that culture has a certain way of directing the life of an individual.

Therefore, ultra determines the behavior of ad individual to a larger extent.Individual behavior can determined by culture in that we all live in a society with people around us hence in order to relate around us ought to have the same values and probably However, human behavior, or how people act and behave in regard and relations to their surroundings, is determined mainly through two factors and these factors are natural and environmental. Natural determination is defined as the determination of human behavior through inherited characteristics in more specifically, genetics.On he other hand the environmental determination is the determination of human behavior through interaction with the environment and surroundings for instance through colonization Furthermore, it is fair to argue that human behavior is determined internally by nature. People suffering from down syndrome and other similar diseases have a better than 99,99%correlation between having the identified genes and having the disease because of ways in which the syndrome affects the behavior of those afflicted with it, it can be said that it does indeed have a knock-on affection how they behave overall.

This clearly shows beyond a doubt that some aspects of human behavior especially those with genetically inherited diseases are completely due to nature. Everyone has different traits such as intelligence and shyness which they inherit through heredity. These traits impact human behavior and there are indications that behavior is affected by genetics.

First, behavior can be different in different species. People behave differently from how a chickadee behaves for example. Second, behavior can be reproduced in consecutive generations of humans.In each generation of people there will be similar behaviors that occur. Third, biological structures can be alternated resulting in behavior changes.

For example, if one develops a brain injury, one can change from behaving politely to being aggressive. Another way behavior can be affected is by behaviors that are brought up in families. For example, certain behaviors that can occur from a mental illness that runs in the family. Fourth, evolutionary history of genetics has a big impact on behavior. All species have DNA which can bind them all together.

Geneticists are now able to introduce or exclude specific genes, resulting in different traits and behaviors arising from those traits. One gene does not create behavior. Behaviors result from a combination of genes, and these genes can be affected by different factors. Factors such as genes and environment are included in the growth of any trait. Genes can be manipulated and modified and the environment can increase certain outcomes of genes.

Genetics as explained determines human behavior as well. The other doctor that determines human behavior is attitude.An attitude is an expression of favor or disavow toward a person, place, thing, or event. The interesting thing about an attitude and human beings is that it alters between each individual. Everyone has a different attitude towards different things. A main factor that determines attitude is likes and dislikes.

The more one likes something or someone the more one is willing to open up and accept what they have to offer. When one doesn’t like something, one is more likely to get defensive and shut down.An example of how one’s attitude affects one’s human behavior could be as simple as taking a child to the park or to the doctor. Children know they have fun at the park so their attitude becomes willing and positive, but when a doctor is mentioned, they shut down and become upset with the thought of pain. Attitudes can sculpt personalities and the way people view who we are. People with similar attitudes tend to stick together as interests and hobbies are common.

This does not mean that people with attitudes do not interact, because they do.What it meaner is that specific attitudes can bring people together for example religious groups. Attitudes have a lot to do with the mind which highly relates to Human behavior. The way a human will behave depends a lot on how they look at the situation and what they expect to gain from it. Positive attitudes are better than negative ones as negativity can bring on active emotions that most of the time can be avoided. It is up to humans to make sure their attitudes positively reflect the behaviors they want to show.

This can be done by assessing their attitudes and properly presenting them in society. Therefore, attitude also determines human behavior. Another important factor of human behavior is their core faith. This faith can be through religion, philosophy, culture, or personal belief and often affects the way a person can behave. 80% of the United States public claims some sort of belief in a higher power, which makes religion a large importance in society. It is only natural for something that plays such a large role in society to have an effect on human behavior.

For example, when a lesbian couple was featured on the J Penny Mother’s Day advertisement in 2012, thousands of Christian mothers boycotted the pro-gay marriage company. Morals are another factor of core faith that affects the way a person behaves. Emotions connected to morals including shame, pride, and discomfort and these can change the way a person acts.

Most importantly, shame and guilt have a large impact on behavior. Lastly, culture highly affects human behavior. The beliefs of certain ultras are taught to children from such a young age that they are greatly affected as they grow up.These beliefs are taken into consideration throughout daily life, which leads to people from different cultures acting differently. These differences are able to alter the way different cultures and areas of the world interact and determine human behavior. In conclusion, culture to a greater extent determines human behavior as asked to discuss.

This has been clearly outlined and explained above in the essay. However, other factors like genetics, attitudes and core faith as shown though somewhere somehow these factors may be linked to culture.


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