Training and placement document Essay

The Training and Placement cell ushers and helps the Concluding twelvemonth pupils in procuring occupations with their cognition and accomplishments.

by forming campus Interviews and researching assorted avenues for their arrangement. The cell extends all possible aids and provides all available substructure installations to the organisations and their several functionaries carry oning campus interviews in the college campus.The Placement activities include:Preparation of List of Corporate and other InstitutionsPlacement Officer will liaison with the senior Company executives of reputed companiesTimely readying of Placement Brochures and their distribution to the concerned Industries and corporations.Invitations are sent to the prospective companies/organization along with all relevant information to take part in the campus enlisting. Regular correspondence is maintained with assorted industries. Personal visits by the Training and Placement Officer The Training activities include:Arranging Industrial visitsArranging Summer TrainingArranging Negotiations with Industrial ExpertsLdceplacement. co.

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inTraining and arrangement cell of SJCETDigital resource i. e. the readying stuff for assorted arrangement activities is non provided. Data is scattered over in tabular arraies. Hence sing informations wholly is hard. On-line aptitude trials are non conducted.

Information of pupils is maintained in excel sheets hence no proper security of information. Access of web site is restricted to merely college members. Facility of supplying a CV shaper is non provided.Abstractions:Training & A ; Placement Portal purposes at supplying the Facility to automatize and simplify the procedure of enrollment and list coevals of eligible pupils for arrangement of TE and BE of St. John College of Engineering. “Training and Placement cell Management’’ is package solution for pull offing the enlisting activites of college. This System provide installation to TPO to make all their Work Sing Placement like Collecting Student Records.

Registering the Suitable Students. to look into the figure and per centum of placed & amp ; unplaced pupils. and of import proclamations to other sections.

Our TPO site besides provide on-line aptitude trial installation. feedback and suggestion reported by the Company. Guidance and tips to pupil. This web site has inbuild map to segregate pupils based on their Markss.

Our site besides informs pupils about agenda of the appropriate trials and interview by electronic mail. The chief purpose of our undertaking is to take the communicating spread between the Placement Manager and pupils.PROBLEM STATEMENT:For the intent of preparation and arrangement of the pupil in colleges. TPO’s have to roll up the information and CV’s of pupils and manages them manually and arranges them harmonizing to assorted watercourses. If any alteration is required that is to be besides done manually. The system is non an on-line application that can non be accessed throughout the organisation and outside as no login provided.

Students logging are non able to upload their information in the signifier of a CV. Visitors/Company representatives logging in may besides access/search any information put up by Students. Students are non cognizant about avaliability of occupations in assorted companies at campus. Students are incognizant of confronting aptitude trials.

interviews and no particular preparation pupils get to cognize about choice procedure.Scope:INDIVIDUAL STUDENT PROFILE:Here the user is able to see their student’s profile by their giveninformation

Company Profile:It is provided so that pupil would be able to see the company position that are sing the campus.
Facilities:Periodic Conduction of IQ trials.Agreement of Personality Development Workshops.It provide guidance stuff such as on-line aptitude trial for readying. interview techniques.

group treatments

ONLINE EXAM Trial:Assorted aptitude trials quiz are takenThis helps the Training and Placement Cell in concentrating on assorted countries for betterment.

RESUME Building:For different streamsof technology different resumeformat is required so training is provided.
NOTICE BOARD:TPO will supply information to the pupil about company name. day of the month and locale at which campus thrust might take topographic point. With this information the system will bring forth a notice ( for illustration. a word papers ) which can be placed on web site to adumbrate pupils about placement thrust.
MAIL Presentment:Here the pupil would be will be notified through mail about the choice to those pupil who are recruit by company standards.
REPORT GENERATION:Here the user is able to acquire the consequences which are released and hive away them for subsequently use.


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