Transcendentalism and Ralph Waldo Emerson Essay

Transcendentalism began in the nineteenth century in Concord.

Massachusetts. It was a literary. spiritual. and philosophical motion that consisted of a group of optimistic people who shared a common mentality and involvements. ( Transcendentalism ) “Transcendentalism referred to the thought in finding the ultimate world of God. the existence.

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ego. and other of import affairs. They believed one must exceed mundane human experiences in the physical universe. ” They besides believed in the thought of seeking to prefect themselves and others.( Beers ) Ralph Waldo Emerson was one of the chief leaders who supported transcendental philosophy through his different aggregation of verse forms and essays. Overall. transcendental philosophy covers a big scope of subjects and beliefs that are shown through many literacy verse forms and essays. Emerson’s nonnatural verse form.

The Rhodora. is proof that Emerson was a true transcendentalist. Emerson shows qualities of optimism throughout The Rhodora. The temper of the verse form starts off in a sulky or dark topographic point.In the beginning he uses metaphors to demo how entirely the flower is by comparing it to the word ‘desert’ . He so says the flower falls into a black pool to demo how reasonably the simple petals looked to the ugly H2O. Emerson so shows his restlessness with those who would promote Man above nature. He so answers the intent of the Rhodora flower.

and states that one’s eyes must appreciate the beauty of the flower for their ain interest. Last. he says that since God made Men and nature.

the Rhodora should be given the same award and regard.“The self- same power that brought me at that place. brought you” . ( Ralph Waldo Emerson Texts ) In all.

Emerson showed many different thoughts and subjects into the verse form. The Rhodora. Ralph Waldo Emerson was born on May 25.

1803 in Boston. Massachusetts. He was a philosopher who genuinely believed in transcendental philosophy. During his life he spoke out against philistinism. formal faith. and bondage while talking about his thoughts. By being a transcendentalist. he believed in world and that cognition transcended the mundane American.

He besides believed in a religious existence governed by a mysterious Over-soul that was a changeless subject in many of his plants. Most of his plants were subjects on Man. nature. and God. The tones of his essays and verse forms were optimistic. but he ne’er forgot about the worlds of life. His most celebrated plants were Self Reliance. Spiritual Laws.

and Nature which all contained nonnatural subjects. During this clip. he surrounded himself by fellow transcendentalist. Brunson Alcott. George Ripley.

and Theodore Parker were his close associates that helped him distribute nonnatural beliefs.At the terminal of his life he became America’s taking transcendentalist and was respected by most Americans as a wise and sincere adult male. ( Ralph Waldo Emerson ) Through Emerson’s verse forms and essays he uses many nonnatural thoughts and beliefs. For case.

in The Rhodora. he starts off by demoing that people need to hold individualism and independency within their egos. He besides states legion times that nature is beautiful. He uses nonliteral linguistic communication to demo and convert the reader that the Rhodora is beautiful and needs the regard and consideration that people give to Man.Emerson so shows his defeat and choler by oppugning why people are down-grading nature.

By stating that the Rhodora should be given honor and regard. it shows he believes that Man and nature came from the same self-power. The quotation mark mentioned in the 2nd paragraph proved that Emerson thought adult male and nature non merely talk the same linguistic communication but speak for each other. ( Overview: The Rhodora ) With all of the expressions. quotation marks. and thoughts from Emerson. it rebelliously shows that he was a true and reliable transcendentalist.

To reason. transcendental philosophy was a new and unusual manner of thought in the 1800’s. Ralph Waldo Emerson was the leader who showed his sentiments and beliefs through many of his Hagiographas. His subjects included Man. nature. and God.

With Emerson’s strong motive and finding of distributing transcendental philosophy. American literature has grown and expanded its manner of thought.Works CitedBeers. Kylene. etal.

“New Ideas Take Root” . Elementss of Literature 5th Course. For S. C: H. R.

W. 2010. Print.“Overview: ‘The Rhodora’ . ” Poetry for Students. Ed.

David A. Galens. Vol.

17. Detroit: Gale. 2003.


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