Transracial Adoption Essay

Transactional adoptions have been a big Issue since they have even become an option for adoption. A close friend of the family decided to go the route of transactional adoption.

This was her last resort, because she was not able to have children on her on. And the only children in her range were either Caucasian or Asian. Rationalism Is the theory that I have decided to use for the views of these topics. Rationalism Is belief or theory that opinions and actions should be based on reason and knowledge ether than on religious belief or emotional response.My friend decided to go against the usual feelings and opinions and take in a daughter of a different race. She made the choice to take her Caucasian daughter In as her own.

There are many advantages as well as disadvantages that I have noticed when it comes to their everyday lives. Some advantages were that the child was in a safe environment. She has been taught in ways that are very honorable. She is taught that everyone is equal. The parents and the child are both In learning environment at all times. They re forced to keep open minds and build connections that would not normally be there.Some disadvantages are, of course, that the child is different.

I do believe that there is a possibility that the child’s background and cultural views could be lost in the cultural views that her parents Instill In her. What are your views when it comes to adoption? Many people have different views on this subject. But many don’t really have a choice. For some parents, adoption is the I OFF are your views on transactional adoption? Transactional adoption is the placement of infants and children of one race with parents of another race.The most common type of transactional adoption is the placement of African American children into homes with parents of different races. Plato believed in rationalism. Rationalism is rather than on religious belief or emotional responses.

When adopting outside of {Our race your decision should be based solely on knowledge and on the greater DOD. African American children are more likely to be in foster care than white children. They are more likely to stay in foster care longer than any other race.

They are also more likely to undergo multiple placements.There are many developmental asks for these children that are associated with long-term residency in foster care. A few strategies have been attempted to reduce the number of children in the welfare system (Unmans, 2013). The number one strategy is transactional adoption. Ironically adoption is one of the most controversial methods currently being utilized to improve the welfare of black children. Although it is a hot topic, the actual number of transactional adoptions is lower than one might expect. Only one percent of all adoptions in 1987 were transactional adoptions.I do believe that it is somewhat a good idea to decide to place children into homes f different races, if it is the last resort.

There are many good things that could come from these types of adoptions. The children would have the chance to be brought up in the best home available to them. They also have the chance to be raised by parents who can give them all that they need. This gives the chance for the children to be loved unconditionally by parents who will not Judge them, and will love them no matter what. Another advantage of this type of adoption is the opening of minds.

The child, as well as the parent, is forced to be open-minded towards their new family ember. They are no longer looking at this individual as Just a race alone. You are now seeing them as who they are. The child or parent is seeing them as who they are.

Emotions and connections are made and discriminations are left in the past. Just like I do believe that there are various amounts of advantages to the transactional type of adoption, I also believe that there are some disadvantages that could result from this type of adoption. Too many times we have read, or heard, or seen the abuse that could take place within homes.If families of the same race are to able to contain a peaceful home, how can you expect to place a child of different race into a home and it be calm. Another disadvantage would be the Judgment that could be passed over the family and what they have chosen to do. It is very common for children to be bullied about these types of things.

Effects of this adoption could be overwhelming for those who have not prepared themselves for this. The loss of culture is another problem that could be experienced. Living in a different environment could cause the child to lack the knowledge and lifestyle that is in the Child’s custom culture.The decision that my family friend made was to adopt a child of a different race. This was a very rational decision in Plat’s views.

Rationalism relies on reason rather than your religious belief or experience (South University, 2013). My friend is African American and her daughter is Caucasian. There are many struggles that their family adopted. So my friend and her husband are the only family that the child knows. Even though this is true, she is now 9 years old and has started to notice they are different from her. She noticed that her friends and their parents are the same color.And she was confused as to why the same was not with her and her parents.

The fact that she knows that she is different caused her to feel withdrawn for a while. As you can see there were plenty of problems for them to deal with when it came to their daughter. But they have given her the best possible home she could ever have. They love her as if she was their own and could care less about people on the outside and their beliefs. They give this little girl everything she needs and wants and beyond. They give her the best foundation and teach her that no one is different.

Humans are unmans, no matter their color, culture, religion, or race. These teachings are good and everyone should feel this way. Everyone is equal. And if it is the best option for an African American child to live with its Caucasian family, then so be it.


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