‘Trash’ Essay In the novel ‘Trash’ written by Andy Mulligan

‘Trash’ Essay
In the novel ‘Trash’ written by Andy Mulligan, an important theme or idea is corruption within the government and bravery in the boys. The theme of corruption is showed by Senator and the Police, while the boys show the theme of bravery. The boys were aware of the polices corruption and wanted to find the stolen money and give it to the people in need. The boys are very brave and fearless whilst running from the police.

The three boys are determined to find the stolen money before the police so they can put give it to the people that need it most. When the bag first went missing and the police went to the dump site in search for it, Raphael’s auntie drew attention to him by saying “Raphael found something, sir”, to the police. The way Raphael has handled by the police was very brutal and shows the corruption within the police and the government. Raphael knew what the police did to Jose Angelico, but he endured the pain showing the theme of bravery.

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The police in Behala are very corrupt and the people in Behala are aware of this. Raphael says, ‘When the police get mean you don’t want to be around’ to tell us about how the police are brutal towards people and how they are bad they can treat some people. Another quote that comes from Gardo saying, ‘you really think that they would just give it’ tells the audience about the people’s lack of trust towards the police. The police actions show the theme of corruption.

The boys were focused on finding the money before the police, so they could give it to the people organizations that need it most. On page 194 Rat says, ‘We knew the money wasn’t ours’ to tell the audience that the boys were honest and wanted to help their community. They also pay back the mission school for all the money they stole. The boys giving back all the money shows the audience how the boys are honest and thankful towards their friends and family.

In conclusion the three boys (Gardo, Raphael and Jun-Jun) show the key themes of bravery and determination. These themes were shown and spoken to the audience by the boys and how they found the stolen


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