Travel questions? Ask the computer Essay

Do you want to know what sporting events to see in Phoenix, which
state parks offer camping near Sacramento, or what’s happening with
the San Francisco Ballet?

Ask Teleguide, a computer. Lake Tahoe, Phoenix, Reno Sacramento,
and the San Francisco Bay Area now have these latest in high-tech
guides. Las Vegas and San Diego expect to join this summer. Easy to
use and free, Teleguide terminals are in airports, convention and
visitor centers, hotels, and shopping centers. The Bay Area has the
largest system, with information from 95 paid advertisers plus some
3,000 special events and attractions on 150 terminals in 11 counties.

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You push buttons to get free information, mostly from advertisers:
hotels, restaurants, tour services, golf courses, tennis clubs, and
other businesses.

The information, illustrated with colorful computer graphics, can
be very specific. For example, the San Francisco Ballet section names
this season’s productions, the price of tickets, and how to get
them. Push another buttom and a map locates the performance hall.
Restaurants are cross-referenced by food types and area: information may
include prices, specialties, hours, and a map.

Some systems can talk to each other; for example, in San Francisco
you can push a button to get facts to Lake Tahoe or Sacramento.

To find out the location of Teleguides, call (602) 397-2686 in
Phoenix, (702) 329-4111 in Reno, (916) 446-9946 in Sacramento (also call
here for Lake Tahoe), and (415) 957-2900 in San Francisco. To confirm
starting dates for the new systems, call (702) 385-3111 in Las Vegas and
(619) 574-7777 in San Diego.


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