Travel Writing – Rhyl Essay

Rhyl, glorious Rhyl. The smell of raw fish, fresh in the air, cleaning out my lungs.

My little brother ran around wondering where he was, purely amazed at his surroundings and the fact they were different to the four walls of our house. We walked past a market and the smell of seafood became somewhat unbearable. Mum wanted to buy some sweets from a stall conveniently positioned next to the fish shop; I chose to pass on that one. I was kind of scared; all the scaly sea folk stared at me with those big eyes through the ice-chip traps they were laid out on.On we walked through the throat-stingingly salty air and the scanky litter filled roads. The fakest of smiles was slapped across my mothers face as she chomped on those fishy sweets…

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mmm …sounds delish. Dad looked at me; one eyebrow raised and frown in placeSoon, although it felt like eternity, it was time to say good night. I made my way up to my new room for the next week. I reached the top of the fragile wooden staircase and slowly opened the door. As I put my head round the surprisingly clean, mahogany door, the stench of rotten eggs smacked into me like I had been Rugby tackled to the ground.

I was almost violently ill right there and then. I hoped we wouldn’t be there for long. Off I went, holding my breath, to what could only be described as a vermin infested scanky old mattress on the floor which looked like it hadn’t seen the light of day since the day it was made.The morning of the 6th day dawned, and my room didn’t seem to smell as bad anymore, maybe it was because my clothes smelt of old peoples feet and off fish. Downstairs I sleepily wandered; through into the kitchen, waiting for mum to come and tell me to get dressed because we were going on yet another educational drive through the wonder that is Rhyl.

Yippee. But, today was different, mum came through and as anticipated, she told me to get dressed but strangely she also said, because we are going home.I jumped right out of my chair and around the kitchen like a dog on heat. I could barely contain my excitement. Oh yes! My own bed, washing machines, irons, drinkable water! How id missed those luxuries! NO MORE SMELLY, ROTTING FISH! YAY!!!!!! I thought to myself this is the best day of my 14 year old life. I skipped up the stairs to pack being careful not to cause the whole contraption to collapse as I went.

We weren’t leaving until 3 and it was only 8.30 so I had plenty of time. 1.30 arrived and I’d finished packing a long time before but I was still in my room. I thought of home and how I would be warm and snug in my own bed that same night.3 O’clock came and mum shouted me to see if I was ready. I walked out of the room looking back once to see that I had everything. I marched down the stairs and loaded my bags into the car.

Mum said ‘take one last look at your holiday home’ I rolled my eyes and wished my holiday home was in Spain.We turned out of Rhyl. Mum exclaimed ‘So, did everyone enjoy themselves?’ There was a loud mumble of ‘not really”Good, because it was bloody awful, let’s go to Spain next time eh?’I was beaming from ear to ear until I fell asleep that night in my own soft, bed.


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