Tv Is Harmful to Children Essay

TV Is Harmful To Children Nowadays, TV has become standard pieces of equipment in most home, and watching TV has become a common activity for most people. Children like watching TV when they stay at home. Although there are many useful programs for children and many people believe that TV is bad for them for three reasons.

First of all, some programs are not suitable for children to see. For example, there are many police stories on TV. People were killed with guns, knives, and many other cruel nears. Some children think that these could happen to them at any time.They can become frightened.

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In addition, some youngsters might think violence is a common part of life because they see it very often on TV. They may begin to act out the violence and hurt themselves or their playmates. Second, TV can affect children’s reading ability.

Reading required skills and brain processes that watching TV doesn’t. If children watch TV for too many hours, they will not have time to read. Besides, they might see reading is boring. Finally, TV may affect children’s schoolwork in other ways.For instance, when they Penn too much time on TV watching, they might get behind in their homework. Also, they may fall asleep in class if they stay up to watch a late movie. In conclusion, if children watching too many TV or watch bad programs, their personality can be harmed.

Furthermore, their reading ability can’t improve, whereas their progresses in school can be affected. Therefore, parent’s should know what programs their children are watching. They should limit watching time so that their children will study. TV is not only a box of fun, but also a box of destruction.


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