”Twelfth Night” by William Shakespeare Sample Essay

In the drama “Twelfth Night” by William Shakespeare the dramatist uses much dramatic sarcasm. Dramatic sarcasm occurs when the audience knows something in the drama that the characters themselves do non cognize. but act out. It is really effectual in making wit and comedy. Here are some illustrations of dramatic sarcasm:

Towards the terminal of scene four the Duke wants to direct Cesario to tribunal Olivia for him. The Duke believes that Olivia will pay more attending to Cesario and be able to associate to him better because he is immature and fine-looking. The Duke does non gain that the ground Viola looks this manner is because she is female.

Subsequently on in the drama the Duke speaks to Cesario and compares him to the Goddess of runing and virgins. Diana. He says that Cesario has red lips like Diana and has a high-pitched voice like a adult female. The Duke does non cognize that Cesario is in fact a adult female. Viola. in camouflage. This creates comedy because the audience knows that Cesario is Viola in camouflage. but the Duke does non.

In Lines one hundred and twenty to one hundred and 24 Scene five Act one Malvolio describes Cesario as “Not yet old plenty for a adult male. nor immature plenty for a boy” Malvolio can non look to quite set his finger on why Cesario looks as he does. Malvolio continues to state that Cesario is fine-looking and speaks with a screaky voice. These features are because Cesario is really Viola. a adult female. to whom these characteristics are natural.

The Duke calls Viola “good youth” Line 13 Scene four Act one. mentioning to her as a immature adult male. while merely the audience and non the Duke. knows that Viola is a adult female. There are legion other subdivisions of the drama where Viola is called Cesario. This is besides dramatic sarcasm because there is no existent individual called Cesario. merely Viola disguised as Cesario. An illustration of this is in Line 78 Scene five Act one where Maria informs Olivia that there is a “young gentleman” at the gate. neither of them know that the immature gentleman is a adult female. Viola. This creates comedy and involvement in the drama.

In scene four the Duke asks Cesario to tribunal Olivia for him. Viola agrees and says she will seek her best. nevertheless she so whispers to the audience that she herself wishes to get married the Duke. This is an entertaining bend in the narrative for me because Viola has fallen in love with the duke but can non demo her love because of her camouflage. The Duke does non cognize of Viola’s love. but the audience does and so begins to experience Viola’s hurt.

Viola pays a visit to Olivia for the Duke. sitting as Cesario ; Olivia becomes interested in Cesario and begins to oppugn him. Cesario remarks to Olivia “I am non what I play” intending that she ( Viola ) is non who she appears to be. Olivia does non understand the full significance of this and is left unaware of the fact that Cesario is really Viola.

The most interesting turn comes into the drama when Olivia falls in love with Cesario. making a love trigon. She goes on to state that she could merely love the Duke if he were more like Cesario. non cognizing that Cesario is a adult female. Olivia besides lies and tells Malvolio to run after Cesario because he has forgotten his ring. nevertheless he did non bury his ring. Olivia merely does this in an attempt to see Cesario once more. Merely the audience is cognizant of this state of affairs and so this is besides dramatic sarcasm.

Dramatic sarcasm I have found to be really entertaining in this drama. Viola is in camouflage and has fallen in love with the Duke. At the same clip Olivia has fallen in love with a adult female in camouflage as a adult male. This is all really interesting and diverting to me. Dramatic sarcasm can besides be rather distressing because one knows something that the characters do non and sometimes one truly wishes to merely state them. but you can non.


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