Two contrasting business Essay

Willen hospice attentions for people who can no longer acquire their unwellnesss treated.

They work around Milton Keynes. Bedfordshire and Northamptonshire. Willen Hospice is a charity and a charity is a concern that requires financess from the NHS and general people who donate. it is besides non-profitable concern. Willen Hospices purpose and aim is: “Our vision is to be the lasting and booming supplier of free attention to all people affected by life restricting unwellness in our community. This will be made possible by a community working together continually to portion in the bringing of the most assuring. every bit accessible and advanced attention available. ” The intent of Willen Hospice is to care and assist people who have a life restricting unwellness or even aged people who are unable to make things themselves.

They provide attention for people from the age of 18 old ages upwardly and this focal point on four cardinal countries: specializer symptom control. emotional support. religious support and attention for carers.The ownership of Willen Hospice is all legal guardians.

The Hospice Trustees are responsible for the administration of the Hospice and they form the Council of Management. Their function is to guarantee that the Charity maps within the jurisprudence in conformity with the Charity Commission regulations and besides that the resources are managed expeditiously. They meet quarterly and keep an AGM in August of each twelvemonth. The Council determines the strategic way and ensures policies and processs are in topographic point to pull off hazard. Assorted sub-committees.

each with a Trustee representation. work to supervise the different facets of the Hospice. The Council elects Trustees for a 3-year term of office renewable at the AGM.TescoTesco is a supermarket that is known really good for its quality and good monetary values. it is the 2nd largest retail merchant in the universe. Tesco has a big portion in the market portion ( 30 % UK ) which is a really high position.

With over 6300 shops worldwide. Tesco’s intent is to offer quality merchandises and services at a sensible monetary value. Their purposes and aims are: “Our vision is for Tesco to be most extremely valued by the clients we serve. the communities in which we operate. our loyal and committed staff and our stockholders ; to be a growing company ; a modern and advanced company and winning locally.

using our accomplishments globally. ” The intent of Tesco is to supply a retail service that fulfils the demands of the client in many ways. They provide what normal supermarkets do.

but they have excess services. e. g. Tesco Mobile. Tesco insurance. Their ownership is a PLC ( Public Limited Company ) .

a public limited company is a concern that is good known and it is a concern that freely sold to the populace.Tesco’s ownership is based in a batch of stockholders. The stockholders own the concern and the Chairman runs the concern. guaranting its effectivity while taking history of the involvements of the Group’s assorted stakeholders. and advancing high criterions of corporate administration. Tesco’s president is Sir Richard Broadbent.

They have an one-year AGM meeting which is where the stockholders can discourse any jobs that have occurred during the twelvemonth. The PLC board is made up of ; The Chief Executive. he leads the development of scheme and manages all facets of the public presentation and direction of the Group. Non-executive Directors. they have the broad scope of accomplishments and experience necessary to enable them to supply constructive challenge. scrutinise public presentation and aid to develop their scheme.

The Company Secretary. he is responsible for developing. implementing and prolonging high criterions of corporate administration.P2- “Describe the different stakeholders who influence the intent of two contrasting businesses” M1 – “Explain the points of position of different stakeholders seeking to act upon the purposes and aims of two contrasting organisations” A stakeholder is a individual. group or administration that has an involvement in your administration. Stakeholders have demands and outlooks and can be internal or external to your administration.

In Willen Hospice the different stakeholders would be:The Patients. because they want to be taken attention of for the unwellnesss they have. they want to be able to see their household whenever they want. The Workers/Nurses. because they want Willen to supply them with wage ( if they are non voluntary workers ) . They besides want Willen to supply them with a safe environment to work in. The Family. because they want to be able to see their household member that is in attention with willen.

they want Willen to take good attention of their household member and for willen to supply the member with what they need to populate a comfy life. They besides want to see any clip they want. The Suppliers. because they want willen to supply them with the money they are owed in clip. people that supply willen are the drug providers and people that supply beds and equipment.

So these people besides want willen to purchase their merchandises from them when they need it. The Trustees because they want the proprietors to run the concern good and they don’t want the proprietors to blow any money. They besides want the Nurses to be taking good attention of each patient since they have a large involvement in Willen’s service because they are giving up their clip to be a legal guardian. The Donators. because they want their money that they have donated to be used consequently towards assisting patients and family’s that are enduring. they don’t want their money to be wasted on wages or other disbursals.

NHS are a large giver because they give 33 % of the money they use. they want precisely what the givers want above. The of import stakeholders in Tesco would be:The client because they want the goods that they buy to be what it says on the packaging. they want the concern to Another stakeholder would be the employees. they want a safe environment and good wage for the work that they do. Another stakeholder would be the providers ; they want good net income from Tesco and they want Tesco to pay them on clip. The proprietors are besides of import stakeholders because they are affected by the jobs that occur in their shop.

even jobs with Tesco cause the shop to hold little issues. The proprietors besides want their shop to be working absolutely because they want a net income from the sum of gross revenues within the shop.


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