Two main influences The teacher’s influence A teacher can have the authority after a parent or caregiver

Two main influences

The teacher’s influence
A teacher can have the authority after a parent or caregiver. It is a big responsibility for a teacher. Every teacher as normal follows the curriculum of the schools and has the ability to influence the social identity and self-esteem of all the students. Teachers can show different attitudes to different students. It is a common thing for a teacher to do that but it can affect the students if some get more attention than to the others. This favoured treatment should highly be prevented. A teacher that gives extra attention to a child not because they have potential but rather they expect the potential of the individual. The teacher’s expectation may not be purposely, it is established on cultural bias or homophobia.

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The influence of educational structures
Classes can be strict or flexible in different ways
An agreement can be to an amount that influences by oneself
The time that appropriated to do certain things can be strict or flexible followed by needs
Work groups can be accredited to or chosen from the class group.
All inclusive it has been found that children’s intellectual achievements are the same in a structured learning scheme, to a less established one, on the other hand, behaviour can be changeable. Research has established that in very well structured schools children are obedient and submissive and they look up to the teacher’s approval and recognition and mostly wanting the teacher’s attention. They cooperate more with the teacher than to their classmates rather than to the children in unstructured schools. In less structured schools children display a number of characteristics such as condolence, participation, assistance, guidance, being creative, aggression and lastly insistent.


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