Two new trails in San Mateo County Essay

Two new trails in San Mateo County

Hikers on the Peninsula south of San Francisco can bask in autumn
weather while sampling 3 miles of new trails in Sam McDonald and
Pescadero Creek county parks. Two trail segments, scheduled for
completion in late September, increase the loop possibilities in the 60
miles of trail in these adjoining parks.

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Jack Brook Trail offers hikers spectacular views west to the ocean.
On Canyon Trail you’ll look north to the hills and ridges west of
Skyline Boulevard (State Highway 35). This fall, both trails are open
to hikers only; horseback riders will also be welcome to use them next

Overnight hikers can arrange to stay in Sam McDonald Park’s
Sierra Club Hikers’ Hut. It accommodates 14; nonmembers pay $3.50
per person per night. Reserve space well in advance; call (415)
327-8111 weekdays between 1 and 5.

To reach Sam McDonald Park, take State Highway 84 toward La Honda.
Half a mile south of La Honda, turn southeast on Pescadero Road; drive 1
1/2 miles to the park entrance. Ask the ranger to mark the new trails
on the trail map (50 cents).

Pescadero Creek County Park is accessible only by foot; walk into
it on trails from any of three parks that adjoin it: Sam McDonald, San
Mateo County Memorial Park, and Portola State Park. Sam McDonald is
open 8 A.M. to sunset; admission is free. The other two charge a dayuse
fee of $2 per car.


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