Types Of Movies Sample Essay

About one hundred old ages ago. human existences invented the appliance called camera. Cipher could hold known the importance of this innovation when it was devised. After old ages. telecasting and film were invented. and people bit by bit understood the importance of these appliances. They had a opportunity to fall in entertaining. interesting. and even astonishing universe of telecasting and film because the life they saw in films normally resembled their day-to-day life. Now people have considered that films are inevitable for them. The film industry has become the largest industry with 1000000s of employees. and manufacturers have started to gain tremendous sum of money from the films that they made. While all these alteration were go oning. people’s pleasances and tendencies changed. Traveling to the film and watching films in the eventides have become usual events of weekends among the immature people ( child ) . There are several types of films that people watch on a regular basis. and we can categorise them into three groups harmonizing to their popularity: comedies. action films. and sentimental films.

The first type of films is comedies. Comedies are inevitable type of films since people ever seek merriment and amusement ( or joy. diversion ) in their lives. Sometimes life is deadening and dull. and normally it is the jobs that people face that make life drilling. In such cases. these people would instead watch comedy movies than battle with their jobs as they can get away from their world. Interestingly. even a individual who has tonss of jobs can bury his/her jobs during the two hours that he/she watches a comedy. Furthermore. there is no age for watching comedy movies. Even your grandma and your small son/daughter can watch comedy movies as they are non excessively complicated. they are easy to understand. and they use common linguistic communication called comedy. The most celebrated comic is Charlie Chaplin because he knew to utilize this common linguistic communication.

In those old ages. there was no sound in films. but people were able to express joy at the mimics and motions. Even. now we laugh while we are watching his movies. After Charlie Chaplin’s films. manufacturers understood that comedies might hold a superb hereafter. After that. they started to bring forth new movies. Today. comedies are known as a authoritative. There are several popular comedies. For case. “Scary Movie” . “American Pie 1 and 2” . and “Road Trip” are the child films. They include blue immature people who make merriment of their maturity. Furthermore. “The Mask” . “Pink Panther” . “Ice Age” and “Shrek” are antic comedies. These movies have antic and eccentric characters. Furthermore. “Liar and Liar” . “Hot Shots” are the comedies which make merriment of other films. Finally. “Ace Ventura” . “Dump and dumper” are the comedies which are performed by Jim Carry. Many people resemble him to Charlie Chaplin because of his popularity and his similarity to Charlie.

The 2nd type of films is sentimental movies. Sentimental movies are one of the most popular films and normally sentimental movies take awards in Oscar ceremonial. For illustration “Titanic” . “Life is beautiful” and “English patient” are the award takers that I can retrieve in recent old ages. In this types of films. we normally come across with dramatic narratives. modern love narratives. and tragic love narratives. Peoples watch sentimental movies since the topic of these films is non new for people. Everyone can see love narratives. People’s nature is set up for partnership. The most of import sentimental movie. which people have of all time seen. is “Casablanca” . Then movie manufacturers ( shapers ) have begun to do films that affect people’s emotions. There are several sentimental films. For illustration. “You have got mail” and “Sleepless in Seattle” are produced with ( performed by ) Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks. Both of these movies have a unexpected love narratives. Furthermore. “Sweet November” and “My Best Friend’s Wedding” are the typical illustrations for sentimental films.

The most popular type of films is action movies. Action movies are ever favourite since they are different from others. They show us that life can be unsafe. dejected. bloody. and mortal or it can be glorious. inexperienced person. and normal. It depends on the manufacturers of action movies. There are many different people outside of our houses and belongingss to do a film about them. The action movies trades with the eternal action around us. and even the action around of ancient people and swayers. In fact. they affect us as sometimes they are produced with immense budgets. Directors and manufacturers use computerized technique. and several action movies are made in unreal studios or in computing machines with computerized technique. Developing engineering allows them to construct fanciful topographic points or they can do a small-model of the topographic point. For illustration. in “Fifth Element” . Star Wars’ series. and “Travel to Mars” . the metropoliss. topographic points. and unusual machines were non existent.

They are the latest merchandise of hi-tech industry. Besides. the conflict land ( Migfer dibi ) in Lord of the Ringss: Two Towers really is a small-model. Furthermore. there are tonss of detonation effects. hot chases between constabulary and bad work forces in many action movies. Some people watch action movies in order to see detonations. blood. escapade. force. ocular effects. and popularity of these movies. There are infinite action films that I can retrieve. For illustration. “Terminator 1 and 2” . “Robocop 1. 2 and 3” . “Dune” . and “Star Wars: Episode 1 and 2” are the action movies with automatons and eccentric existences. and some of them takes their topic from other planets. Another illustration is “The Matrix. which in my sentiment is the male monarch of the action movies. and forthcoming sequence may be better than “Enter the Matrix” . In Matrix. manufacturers used computing machines many times.

For illustration. during the battle between “Agent” and “Neo” . manufacturers made the battle unbelievable with “Slow gesture winging effects” . Besides. the series of “Die Hard ( 1. 2. and 3 ) ” are the good known action films. Furthermore. several films of “James Bond ( 007 ) ” . “Mission impossible” . “Charlie’s Angel” are full of action scenes. These movies are the reel action movies. The series of “Lethal Weapon ( 1. 2. 3. and 4 ) ” and “Mad Max” are the classics of actions with Mel Gibson. Recently. Lord of the Ringss: Family of the Ring and Two Towers. the fanciful historical fiction of Tolkein. acquire the highest gross all around the universe. The series is non historical. it was the history which was written by Tolkein. Besides. “Braveheart” . “Gladiator” . “Joan of Arc” are the reel historical movies which took historical incidents as a topic. Finally. “Street Fighter” and “Mortal Combat” are the films which was adopted from their computing machine games.

In brief. I categorized films into three common types harmonizing to their popularity. The first common type is comedies. and the 2nd type is sentimental films. and the most popular one is action films. The development of film industry started with the innovation of picture camera. and no 1 can cognize the hereafter of film sector. I suppose that as viewing audiences. we will hold a opportunity to fall in the film with a character which we choose from the film and the scene will go on in the manner that we act. I hope we will populate long plenty to see this type of movies.


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