U.S. Gov.

Which term describes a President’s need to keep information private?
executive privilege
A President has the power to cancel some parts of a new law. What makes this possible?
an amendment to the Constitution
What is a primary difference between a treaty and an executive agreement?
Treaties must be approved by the Senate; executive agreements do not
What term describes all the actions a nation takes in dealing with other countries of the world?
foreign policy
The formal duties assigned to the Vice President by the Constitution are
to preside over the Senate and help decide the question of presidential succession.
What development led to a change in the electoral college system following the election of 1800?
the rise of political parties
Which department in the President’s cabinet is led by the Attorney General?
Department of Justice
How can a President use a line-item veto?
only through an amendment to the Constitution
The electoral college has many weaknesses.

Several reform plans have been suggested to strengthen these weaknesses. Which plan would use popular votes to decide how many electoral votes a candidate would get?

the proportional plan
What produces the largest amount of federal revenue in the United States?
individual income tax
How did the Electoral College change following the election of 1800?
Political parties became more important.
Several White House agencies are staffed by the President’s closest advisors. What is the name used for these agencies?
Executive Office of the President
What is the original source of many of the President’s powers?
the Constitution
What is the right of legation?
the right of every nation to send and receive diplomatic representatives
The Office of the Director of National Intelligence was created in 2005 as a result of the September 11, 2001 attacks. What does this office do?
collects and shares information to keep the United States safe
Which two principles have directed the foreign policy of the United States since World War II?
collective security and deterrence
What is the relationship between the military and the federal government?
The military is subordinate to the elected civilian leadership.
Which features of a federal bureaucracy help it to run efficiently?
job specialization and formalized rules
Who is responsible for carrying out policies about the government’s money?
Federal Reserve Board
Where does each state get its guidelines for picking presidential election delegates?
state laws and/or party rules

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