U. S. influence on Philippines Essay

According to the film, it seems that the U. S influence in a lot of different ways. They influence us in terms of speech, sense of style and clothing, food we eat, the movies we watch and even how we think and decide. Our government does not give attention in our education, from colonial education to neo education means to maintain the control of U. S in our education.

They want us learn based only on their books, they are making the young ones like robotic children “don’t ask just learn”. Children cannot think, decide or express their feelings.Like the issue of a U. S naval ship that ran aground in tubataha reef.

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The government said that U. S will pay for their damage but I don’t believe that. Yes, U. S is our ally but they are powerful enough to reverse the situation. What is the use of the law if you are going to break it? According to a CHED official, quality education is expensive so you have to be ready to pay for it because there will be an increase in tuition fees in some other universities. Resulting for the students to take technical and vocational courses.

Since the start of Education Act of 1982, a lot of universities started to increase their tuition fees. In effect, many students are against it so they rally in hoping that the government will hear them. Yes, you are smart but you are from a low grade school then you will be disregarded. Because most of the companies they prioritize on job hiring those who came from prestigious schools. Other schools are self-reliant by selling their belongings to other schools to make earning because they do not rely on the government.Because Philippines belong to a 3rd world country (source of cheap labor and raw materials), investors from other country build factories here and they get Filipinos to be their workers. Workers rally due to lack to give their benefits like SSS, fair salary, etc.

Education is a vital weapon of people striving for economic emancipation, political independence and cultural renascence. One must be aware of the country’s problems, understand the solution and be caring and courageous enough to work and sacrifice for our country’s salvation.We Filipinos must work hard in hand to achieve one goal. In summary, the U. S.

conquered us in many ways, it’s much better to accept the fact that we Filipinos are diverse in culture and language as well as our way of thinking because we have been influenced by so many cultures internally and externally. What is the point of the past Filipino revolts, the lives that were sacrificed specially our greats heroes? What are the importance’s of their sacrifices if we will be defeated again by the conquerors?


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