Under the Eagle – Film Analysis Essay

1 . Why was Germany undeterred by the Belgian-British security pact? Germany was fighting on two fronts against Russia and France. France’s defense was very strong after the Franco-Prussian war. Belgium defenses were weaker. British guaranteed Belgian neutrality, but Germany knew Britain would get into the war sooner or later. 2. Explain the irony in the use of the Group gun in the Belgian fortifications.

Belgian used Group guns which were German Group guns. On the other hand, Germany used weapons named after Syrup’s daughter, Big Bertha which was produced by the sameGerman company. 3. Explain the German policy towards civilians and how it was interpreted by the Allies. German rounded out civilians for special tasks, using them as shields. After the French withdrew, Germany thought snipers still existed so they torched the town. Germany kept priests as prisoners in a church. Germany executed hundreds of French and Belgian civilians near a riverbank.

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Ultimate cruelty was when soldiers check to see if civilians were alive and if they were, they would be bayoneted violently.Allies used it as propaganda to rally public Allied opinion behind the war. 4.

Describe the pros and cons of the German state at the outbreak of WWW. – Spectacular economic growth due to no war for numerous years – Thought they were the guardians of not Just the Europe, but the world – Suffrage for most men – Aspects of the welfare state – Building block for Germany nationalism – Beneath one flag, Germany remained very diverse. Rural east, industrialized west.

Catholic one side, Protestant the other.Germany’s government was not accountable to the people, but to the emperor. Not a democracy. Entered WWW governed by a autocrat. – Germany was obsessed with militarism, Kaiser Wilhelm was an autocrat 5.

What was the meaning of the British soldier’s song as they retreated from Moons? We’re here because, we’re here… We’re here because, we’re here’.

They didn’t know what they were there for, what they were fighting for, they Just were. 6. Explain the significance of the Battle of the Manner.

Began 6th of September 1914.The fate of Paris and France would be decided here. France had to win this battle. Germany’s advance to France’s capital was outstripping supply demands. Allies outnumbered Germans, and they decided to attack. The Manner was a single field. On the cusp of old and modern warfare. French won and called it ‘The Miracle of the Manner’.

500,000 soldiers died. Highest death rate per day than in any other day in the battles at the Western Front. Germany lost its chances to a resounding victory against the Allies. Beginning of the trench warfare.End of single day battles. Before WWW, the percentage of death rate was 10 percent. After, it was 80 percent.

7 Describe Germany’s practices in its occupied territories. Confiscated all weapons, and demanded gold. Germany had territories raw material and assets. German army ordered to live of the occupied territories, they took whatever they wanted. ‘Forced requisitioning. Rounded off thousands of teenagers for forced labor.

Occupied territories were ruled like a military state. Changed to German time. They took hostages


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