Understand How to Support Positive Outcomes for Children and Young People Sample Essay

1. – Describe how societal. economical and cultural factors can impact on the results and life opportunities of kids and immature people. Social FactorLack of social/friendship groupsPossible Impact: Child who don’t socialise a batch tend to go stray and therefore isolate themselves more. They may endure insecurities about themselves and be withdrawn and shy.

They struggle to pass on. portion and understand the demands and feelings of others. They will miss assurance to happen it difficult confide in other people or seek out aid and advice. This can besides take them to be drawn into ‘the incorrect crowd’ because these people seem welcoming and as a consequence find themselves being manipulated. They can besides experience pressurised by their ‘peers’ into experimenting with drugs and intoxicant at a really immature age. They wouldn’t have the assurance to stand up for themselves. As they get older their insecurities may take to self injury and perchance developing some signifier of dependence. They would besides happen it hard to keep any long term relationships.

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Social FactorPoor parental supervision/ disregard.Possible Impact: Without counsel from parents or carers. most kids do non larn the right ways to act. This can do them to come into struggle at school or unexpected state of affairss because they do non cognize or understand acceptable boundaries. They may believe that they are allowed to move any manner they want because they are ne’er prevented or taught any acceptable moral behavior. These deficiencies of boundaries could ensue in them going involved in offense and anti-social behavior. Neglect could take to other wellness jobs i.

e. malnutrition. if they are non acquiring the right nutriment needed for a turning kid. Poor hygiene could besides take to strong-arming and badgering by their equal group. doing them to retreat and go stray.

‘This could impact dietetic demands of kids. vesture. imposts or other facets of their lives. ’ ( CYPW. pg 186 ) .

Economic FactorPovertyPossible Impact: ‘A household populating on low income might non be able to supply for their kids as hoped. Adjustment may be more which can hold an consequence on the mental and physical wellness of kids and their parents. ’ ( CYPW. pg 186 ) Children in poorness can be vulnerable and prone to illness or disablement due to things such as malnutrition from a hapless diet lacking in foods as a consequence of their parents being unable to afford quality nutrient. This could besides intend the parents are non able to purchase medical specialties when required. Malnutrition besides consequences in deficiency of concentration or hapless public presentation at school or college. This will impact on the immature individual when they do non accomplish good plenty classs to go employed.

They may so go involved in drug dependences and or condemnable activities as a manner of get awaying from their jobs. They may be the topic of intimidation as a consequence of their hapless vesture because they do non hold the latest ‘must have’ accoutrements.

Economic FactorLack of academic accomplishmentPossible Impact: If a child’s parents may demo small or no involvement in their instruction and as a consequence they. the kid. may besides free involvement. The parents may non go to school meetings so they will hold small apprehension of their child’s accomplishments and therefore the kid will non have congratulations and encouragement to go on.

If the kid is non having congratulations and encouragement from parents. the kid will develop low ego regard and believe that they are incapable of accomplishing. If the parents struggle to back up the kid in prep and coursework and the kid will therefore besides battle. The kid will so non complete or manus in work on clip. This will do them to acquire in problem as a consequence of incomplete assignments or prep.

They might ‘fail’ in their instruction. as a consequence. and battle to acquire employment as an grownup.

Cultural FactorReligious beliefs and impostsPossible Impact: Child may hold to go to a school associated with their faith.

and may therefore have a less balanced instruction. They may fight to understand other people’s faith or lifestyle picks. if it goes against what they are taught. This may go forth them confused or experiencing stray and fighting to interact with the wider community. They may besides see or witness maltreatment on the evidences of their spiritual beliefs and imposts.

go forthing them non merely baffled and stray but fearful. This can do the immature individual to hold trust issues as they’re fearful of everyone. They will so non desire to fall in in with activities which will decrease the opportunity of spread outing their friendly relationship group. Religious beliefs can impact a child’s life experiences. particularly with school as the parents of the kid may non let for the kid to fall in in with spiritual instruction.

This means the kid will non be able to larn about different civilizations and could besides impact their classs in that topic. Cultural Factor

Impermanent life stylePossible Impact: The impact of a impermanent life style for a kid could be really drastic. If kid and their household move about often.

as they may come from Gypsy Roma Traveller community or even the household merely may ne’er experience settled. this can impact the kid. Their instruction will be inconsistent and invariably interrupted. This can do them to have hapless classs or in some instances none at all. This will besides take so to unemployment due to non run intoing the occupation standards. They will be unable to organize close friendly relationships and miss a support web outside their close household and community.

This can do them to be short of trust in people. Although dealt with individually. many of these factors above are connected such as unemployment or low income can take to hapless lodging. Poor lodging can take to wellness jobs. which can take to frequent school absences. They will non merely impact the child’s present life style and wellness.

but besides their hereafter.
2. – Explain the of import and impact of poorness on results and life opportunities for kids and immature people. ‘Poverty is on the docket of the Every Child Matters model. with one of the five results saying that every kid should ‘achieve wealth and economic well being. ’ This means is it is of import that kids sing poorness have the same chances as their equals.

’ ( CYPW. pg 186/187 ) Poverty can impact on children’s life opportunities and results. Poverty can ensue in unemployment. parental separation. unwellness or disablement.

dependences. or condemnable activities. Children may endure malnutrition or a hapless diet as a consequence of their parents being unable to afford quality nutrient.

This could ensue in deficiency of concentration or hapless public presentation at school. One of the side effects of poorness is hapless lodging. Peoples on low income are frequently dependent on local authorization lodging.This may ensue in overcrowding. for illustration being located in a bed-sit or place with non adequate sleeping rooms.

This means the kid has no privateness. or personal infinite. This can take to them fighting with prep and class work because of the deficiency of a quiet infinite in which to finish it.

This can impact the kid by having hapless classs. The lodging provided may be of a hapless quality. The house could endure from moistness or be in hapless status. This could hold a terrible consequence on the child’s wellness. This can do asthma or frequent colds and coughs. If a kid is ever ill this will intend frequent absences from school besides interrupting opportunities to travel topographic point with them and having the aid they need to finish work.

If a kid is populating in this manner. they are unable to accomplish the five results from the Every Child Matters. Being Healthy and Economic wellbeing.3. – Think about the kids you work with.

and have the kids you have worked with. Describe the impact their experiences may hold on their results and life opportunities. Give two illustrations. ‘ Article 13: The kid shall hold the right to freedom of looks ; this right shall include freedom to seek.

receive and impart information and thoughts of all sorts. regardless of frontiers. either orally in composing or in print. in the signifier of art. or through any other media of the child’s pick. ’ ( Every Child Matters ) One illustration of the picks that kids and immature people will do throughout their lives is whether to eat healthy or unhealthy An early old ages puting should promote healthy bites and promote parents to provide healthy balanced lunchboxes. The scene should affect the kids in activities and treatments about the importance of healthy life but there will come a point where the kids can take for themselves. If a child/young individual chooses to eat unhealthily this will hold a negative impact on their well-being.

which can impact their hereafter.They could go fleshy. develop diabetes and it could except them from taking portion in activities. This could go on doing them to endure low ego regard and go withdrawn from societal state of affairss. Another illustration of the picks that kids and immature people will do throughout their lives is whether to play violent computing machine games. A kid may be raised in an environment where they are allowed to play these types of games or have households who are in problem with the constabulary. This means they’re on a regular basis exposed to force and see it as a normal mundane happening.

These experiences could hold a negative impact on the manner the child/young individual develops and integrates into society. They may take to move the same manner and acquire in problem. This can so impact their life experiences because if they receive a condemnable record. they won’t be able to work in many topographic points or travel to other states. If the kid does non wish what they have experienced and take non to follow the same way as their household. it’s more likely that they will be able to make what with their life and have a better opportunity to win.2. 1 – Complete the tabular array below naming five positive results for kids and immature people that you should be endeavoring to accomplish and give a brief description of each one.

Positive Result: Healthy ChoicesDescription: “Enjoying good physical and mental wellness and populating a healthy life manner. ” ( Every Child Matters ) This can intend to do certain kids get adequate exercising and that they’re provided with healthy repasts and bites. It can besides intend to do certain they’re aware of drugs and that they’re able to do reasonable picks about their personal wellness. Positive Result: Stay SafeDescription: Being protected from injury and disregard and turning up being able to look after themselves.

” ( Every Child Matters ) This means to look after the public assistance of kids and have policies and actions for wellness and safety. Positive Result: Enjoy and AchieveDescription: “Getting the most out of life and developing wide accomplishments for grownup goon. ” ( Every Child Matters ) This can intend to do certain that every kid has equal chances to win and accomplish. Besides have good wagess and congratulationss as this will assist promote kids to force themselves farther. Positive Result: Make a positive partDescription: “To the community and to society and non prosecuting in anti-social or piquing behavior. ” ( Every Child Matters ) This can intend to back up good behavior by being a good function theoretical account.

This besides can use to school scenes or baby’s rooms as you can back up them and stand for them in a good mode. Positive Result: Economic WellbeingDescription: “Not being prevented by economical disadvantage from accomplishing their full potency in life. ” ( Every Child Matters ) This can intend to raise money for undertakings and resources in schools or baby’s rooms. Besides we could demo kids how to cover with money jobs to do them understand the value of it and many other things.

2. 2 – Explain why it is so of import to plan and supply a service that responds to the demands of kids and immature people. The rule of planing services around kids and immature people is to better their results and run into all their demands. It is so of import because the kid needs be encouraged to run into their full potency. The 5 results of the Every Child Matters provides a demand for scenes to take high for the kids in their attention guaranting they have the chance to accomplish each one of them and this must be followed.

First you need to acknowledge that every kid is alone. You need to set up what their attention demands are so you are able to react to them right. This can be done by discoursing demands and involvements with parents/ callings besides with other connected professionals besides working with the kid. If the service such as out of school attention nines and societal activity nines. is run intoing the persons demands.

the parents/ callings will hold no ground to be unhappy with the service provided and the kid should stay in the scene. This can construct the child’s ego regard. assurance and even do stronger friendly relationship groups.2.

3 – Why is it of import that kids and immature people participate in the determinations that affect their lives? It is of import that kids and immature people participate in the determinations that affect their lives because this helps them to accomplish the full potency of their instruction and acquisition. The child-centred attack is where a kid or immature individual is listened to where their sentiments are valued. Their ain personal person demands are accounted as it is critical for them to be able to profit to the full. By prosecuting kids and immature people and back uping those to hold an input with determinations will assist them to do farther determinations subsequently on in life. Working with kids and immature people to accommodate their single demands will besides back up and hike assurance and self-pride. This is of import as they can turn and develop being able to last doing determinations finally on their ain going independent. If we support kids in this manner assisting them to lend to determinations and be involved. so they will accomplish this and be successful subsequently in life.

2. 4 – Give three illustrations of how you supported children/young people harmonizing to their age. demands and abilities to do personal picks and experiences that have a positive impact on their lives. One illustration of how I have supported children/young people harmonizing their age was puting activities that will let them to do determinations and do picks. I did this by puting out a sticking and gluing activity. I allowed the kids to do personal picks of what they wanted to lodge on their paper and what colours they wanted to utilize. I gave them accessible resources and resorts to run into single involvements.

This besides allowed them to show how they were experiencing at the clip without being restricted. Another illustration of how I have supported children/young people harmonizing the child’s demands is by being at that place to back up them when things may travel incorrect. In my puting a kid has behavioral troubles. the kid tends to happen it hard if something he does goes incorrectly. When I set out a pigment activity for the kid. he used a different coloured pigment than he wanted to.The kid so began travel acquire angry and defeated and I supported the kid and ensured that it was non a large issue and it eased them.

By back uping the kid this manner. it will hike self assurance and ego belief that they can accomplish. This will hold a positive affect on the kid behavior in the hereafter as he will be able to command his choler.

One illustration of how I have supported children/young people harmonizing the child’s ability was by offering constructive and just advice. In puting a kid wanted to mount on to the top of the plaything box. The kid was clearly excessively little and unsteady on their pess to mount on the plaything box and be able to remain at that place without falling. I advised the kid to come off from mounting and explained that it would be insecure. I so explained that if they were to fall they would ache themselves.

The kid so stopped what they were making and listened to the just advice that was given. This will assist the kid in the hereafter to accept constructive advice and besides know their ain bounds.3.

1 – Give three illustrations of the possible impact of disablement on the results and life opportunities of kids and immature people. If a kid was enduring from a terrible physical damage. there are many different impacts that this could hold on the kid. If the kid is in demand of physical therapy everyday.

so this means they will be passing a batch of clip off school. This will be interrupting larning and can impact their classs. This can impact the child’s life opportunities because if they do non accomplish suited classs. this may consequence them traveling into farther instruction. Besides if they are physically impaired. acquiring a occupation subsequently on in life will be tough as company’s may know apart believing they’re unable to make anything.

This can take down ego regard. doing them to give up on themselves. If a kid was enduring from a address and linguistic communication damage. there are many different impacts that this could hold on the kid that will impact their opportunities in life. When a kid suffers from this type of damage. a batch of aid is given to back up the kid to better their address.

This means the kid will go to address and linguistic communication specializers on a regular footing. If the kid is at the specializer on a regular basis. so this will be interrupting both school instruction and besides their societal life.

The kid may be acquiring teased as they can non talk the same as their equals or because they may be at the specializer when their friends are socializing. This can do the kid to be self witting and besides isolate themselves as they’re embarrassed of their address. Another illustration of disablement that could impact a child’s life opportunities could be deafness. a centripetal damage. This can do societal and emotional development troubles. They may fight with interaction with other people their age. doing them to happen it hard fall ining societal circles.

Deafness can do the kid to experience paranoid. worthless and unappreciated. This can impact different facets of their life including their instruction. place life and their behavior. “Families with a handicapped kid frequently experience fiscal troubles which may curtail children’s chances in life” ( CYPW. pg 198 )3.

2 – Why are positive attitudes towards disablement and specific demands of import? It is of import to hold a positive attitude towards kids and immature people with a disablement and specific demands as this can damage the child’s attitude towards how they feel towards themselves and it can besides damage their societal life. When a kid has disablement and a specific demand. a positive attitude demands to be kept at all times as they can experience abashed and even humiliated. This can take them to insulate themselves and experience a scope of emotions such as unhappiness. defeat and choler. If a child/young individual is being underestimated.

so this can do the kid to free the sense of desiring to accomplish. This can them hold negative affect such as neglecting school work and non accomplishing good classs. Another illustration is if a kid is being teased or bullied because they have a disablement or specific demand such as they may necessitate excess aid in school. This can do the child’s ego esteem to take down to a point were they begin to experience unloved and unappreciated.

3. 3 – Look at the statements below and place which represent the societal theoretical account of disablement and which represent the medical theoretical account of disablement. Give grounds. Statement Social or Medical Why? ‘If he’s in a wheelchair.

I’m sorry we will non be able He is non being taken on the trip as he to take him on the farm visit. we are traveling in staff Medical theoretical account is in a wheelchair and they won’t make autos and we merely tilt do it’ any sensible accommodations. He is being left behind due to his disablement. ‘All staff have learnt ‘makaton’ so we will be able to The staff didn’t see so child as a find the best manner of pass oning with Jane.

don’t Social Model job and it ensured the pattern is worry! ’ accessible. ‘I’m sorry but our staffs do non hold the preparation to They are concentrating on what the kid administer the medicine so we will be unable to give Medical theoretical account can non make alternatively of what they can make. your kid a topographic point at the baby’s room. ’ The staff are non willing to larn how to handle the kid.3. 4 – Using the three illustrations of specific demands listed below. give an illustration of at least two different types of support that should be available to children/young people. explicating what assistance they can be.

Specific Requirements Support 1 Support 2 1. A kid with autism 1:1 Support Healthcare and other outside bureaus This can be inside the schoolroom to assist them This is to assist and back up and give advice to larn and back up their educational demands. parents and the school workers. 2. A immature individual with a hearing damage. ‘Assistive technology’ Visual Plutos to learn and pass on with the A kid could utilize a hearing assistance. It gives the child/young individual. child a sense of inclusion.

3. A kid or immature individual who is visually ‘Assistive technology’ Sounds or physical Plutos to learn and impaired The child/young individual could utilize package communicate. which reads text from ascreen.

4. 1 – Write a definition of the followers.“Promote equality. diverseness. and inclusion” ( CYPW.

pg 201 ) Equality: Opportunities to develop and larn. while their physical and emotional safety and wellbeing are protected. Diverseness: Recognition of and esteem for their individualism. Inclusion: Entree to allow scenes and the experiences they offer.

4. 2 – Outline what your Equality. Diversity and Inclusion policy says and give illustrations of how you put into pattern. In my scene. some ways we put our policy in pattern are doing kids experience valued and good about themselves. We do this by guaranting that all kids have equal entree to early acquisition and drama chances.

My scene shows diverseness by admiting and observing a broad scope of faiths. beliefs and festivals. We besides guarantee that kids whose first linguistic communication is non English have full entree to the early acquisition. My scene shows inclusion by doing our environment every bit accessible as possible for all visitants and service users. We can besides demo inclusion by doing accommodations to the environment and resources to suit a broad scope of larning. physical and centripetal damages.
4. 3 – Compare.

giving illustrations. ways in which the two undertakings you have worked for return history of and promote equality. diverseness and inclusion to advance positive results for children/young people.

To advance equality. diverseness and inclusion it’s all about supplying chances for the kid to develop and larn by supplying a safe and unafraid environment for their physical. societal and emotional well being. In my scene I provide equality by handling all households every bit. This is a positive impact on the kid because they can see that their household is being respected and will raise the child’s ego esteem. I provide and guarantee diverseness by my scene as we promote different civilizations and faiths every twelvemonth. We celebrate the Chinese New Year by speaking to the kids about some of their traditions and doing ruddy firedrakes.We besides celebrate The Diwali festival and do lamps to put around the scene.

I provide inclusion by accommodating activities to run into the demands of the kid. This can be things such as accommodating ways of pass oning including ocular AIDSs. organic structure linguistic communication. and talking slower and face-to-face. By accommodating activities to run into every single demand of the child/ immature individual with a disablement. their parents/ carers will be confident in the scene that the practicians are caring for their kid right. We besides have books and shows demoing different civilizations.

faiths. states. people and abilities. We will make this regardless of gender. cultural.

race. coloring material. nationality. age or disablement. My scene besides provides an first-class scope of equipment and resources to enable handicapped kids to be included in out-of-door activities.Bibliography1.

Degree 3 Children & A ; Young Peoples WorkforceEarly on Learning & A ; ChildcareISBN 978-0-435-03133-6Published 2010Page 186 in 1. 1Page 186 in 1. 1Page 186/187 in 1. 2Page 198 in 3. 1Page 201 in 4. 1

2. Every Child Mattershypertext transfer protocol: //www.

unicef. org. uk/


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