Understand Why Effective Communication Is Important in the Work Setting Essay

Identify the different reasons why people communicate. People communicate for a variety of reasons. One may communicate to get his/her point across to the other person. Communication is essential, as without it there will be confusion. People may use communication in order to; •Build relationships – In a setting, building relationships is very helpful in ensuring that the parent is trustworthy of you. You must communicate in order to start building a relationship. You may also introduce gestures, which is also a form of communication.

Building relationships with your colleges is also essential as you will be working with them hand in hand to better the children’s learning and development •Maintaining relationships – When you are working with colleges, children’s parents, you are bound to build a relationship. It is of utmost importance that we maintain that relationship. Keeping conversation with a college related to work, benefits the growing of the relationship, whilst spending a few minutes speaking to a child’s parent when they pick them up is also advantageous. Gaining and sharing information – When one learns something new, such as a college who is furthering his/her studies, is prominent for the college to share certain related information that s/he has learnt. Other practitioners are able to gain that information and use it to better their work. •Gaining reassurance and acknowledgement – It is always admirable to gain and give compliments. When one is acknowledged for the work that s/he has done it will put impact into the work that is being done. Expressing needs and feelings – Expressing oneself to another can be of importance, as everyone needs to express their feeling and needs. If one does not express the feeling and needs s/he can get frustrated and will have impact on the work one is doing. This can be avoided by communicating with a college at the appropriate time. •Sharing ideas and thoughts – Sharing of ideas is a good way of communicating together. A practitioner can share an idea regarding a craft that can be made by the children for their mothers. Other practitioner’s can think of the idea and can expand on , therefore new tasks will be created.


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