Unemployment Issue Essay

According from the article that I read about “The Unemployment Issue Among the Malay Job Seekers”, I do not agree with some of the statement that the writer states in the article. In my opinion, firstly, I do not agree when the writer say that Malay student can’t get along with other races students. From my experience, most Chinese students are hard to get along and tolerate with Malay or maybe Indians in school or college. I am not sure the statement is based on what PIT whether public or private institutions.We cannot blame the Malay students, some PIT, such as CCITT obviously, majority 90% of the students is mostly among Malay races, so the problem about cannot get along is maybe about the procedure of the university itself.

Secondly, I think the writer is focusing the blame mostly on the mistake that the candidates do in writing their resume. I don’t think it is the the real issue, the important thing is whether the candidates have the aspect to employ them to be their workers.For example, maybe their experience or the field of study among the antedates is suit with what they are looking for. Thirdly, I think the employers itself whether they are Chinese or else, sometime they do not employ the Malay candidates because of they cannot speak proper Malay language. So they think it hard to communicate properly with the Malay employees in future. I think the issue is not the problem, nowadays, most students are taking their study on the other language such as Mandarin.

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So the employer should not be afraid to hire Malay candidates.Apart from that, I think the writer is obviously pointing his finger to Malay races in seeking Job for instant. I don’t think the Malay is the only races that seeking for the Job in an instant such as in blob or in the website, other races also have doing the same thing.

It is an initiative in finding a Job, so what the problem either? We can also find for a vacancy Job in the website so I think the writer cannot simply said that is a way for finding Job in an instant, sometime it can be very useful.Furthermore, I think the most important think for the candidates, they have to be nonevent in thrillers, and yes I do agree that the candidate must have attitude in making way to apply for a Job. Be serious, it is not the problem whether you are Malay, Chinese, Indian or other races, you must stay focus and aim for a success in applying for a Job. Put aside of being racist, and hopefully, the Malaysia unemployment rate will be decrease.

I believe the most important thing in hiring a job is to be confident and beebread for any challenge in future. Unemployment Issue By systematize


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