Unit 1 Equality and Diversity Essay

What is meant by diversity? Diversity refers to the fact that we are all different. Even though people have many things in common diversity recognises that people also have a lot of differences. This can be differences in religion, age, gender, beliefs and many more things we come across in daily life. 2. Describe the community you live in. Highlight some of the variations you may observe in terms of: •Interests •Beliefs •Ages •Lifestyles •Personal, social and cultural identities. In the community I live in there are lots of variations of people.

Most of the people who live on my street have children but there is also a lesbian couple and an American family. There are a few married couples who live opposite me whereas my next door neighbour is a single parent and to the other side of me is a retired couple. At the bottom of my street there is a block of flats and a few bungalows where the elderly live and also a small block of houses designed for and designated to disabled people. Within the area I live there is a Christian church and also a congregation of Jehovah`s witnesses. There are 3 parks for children to play at along with a football pitch and a sure start children’s centre.

There are local pubs, takeaways and shops all within walking distance as well as a swimming pool gym and beauty salon. 3. Explain how the variations in question 2 contribute to the diversity of the community. The variations in question 2 show how the community is diverse. It shows how no 2 people are the same weather it’s their sexuality, social class, age, religion or interests. The variations in question 2 contribute to diversity by everyone having different lifestyles, beliefs, even by having different ages. 4. Give some examples to explain how diversity: •Enhances your life •Enhances the local community •Enhances this country.

Diversity can enhance your life by learning new skills from people for different backgrounds or with different strengths as well as a variety of other things. For example ways to cook food which is from a different culture other than your own, knowledge about a religion or sexuality that you had not previously known. The local community is enhanced by diversity as it allows people to change their attitudes towards themselves and people they see as different to them. People living in a diverse community may be more tolerant and accepting towards other people that are diverse to themselves. Diversity enhances the county in many different ways.

Some of the main ways is because people or their families before them originated in a different country so they may then believe in different things and have different cultures. For example the food they eat, the lifestyle they have and even the types of clothes they wear. This means there is more choice and variety around leaving people to become their own individual. 5. Describe what it means to respect people’s differences and why it is important to respect differences. To respect people’s differences you must be accepting and understand that people have their own opinions and ways of doing things.

Just because someone believes something different to you does not mean it is wrong. Everyone has the right to their own opinion and lifestyle. It is important to respect peoples differences weather it’s the way the look, religion or just have a different culture otherwise this may result in discrimination which can cause upset and distress. Just because we don’t agree with a choice someone has made or what they choose to do does not mean we should try and take it away from them. 6. For a person you know, describe the individual factors that make him / her who they are. Name: Shane

Defining factorsBrief description Physical characteristics Shane has big brown eyes and small dimples when he smiles. He has very long eyelashes and light brown hair. Shane is tall and slightly overweight. Emotions Shane is normally very happy and smiley but can be aggressive and tearful. Likes and dislikes Shane likes to play football, video games and read funny books. He does not like spiders and vegetables. Values and beliefs Shane has no religious beliefs. He values his family, his dog and his work. 7. Describe yourself in terms of: •Personal interests •Religion / culture •Geography.

I like to read books, play games with my son and go for walks. My main interest in life, apart from my family, is working in Health and Social care as I have a real passion for helping people and helping them overcome any problems they may have, no matter how big or small. I have no religious beliefs but was christened as child. I am British but also a ? Irish and ? German. I don’t know a lot about my German culture as I have no contact with the German part of my family. I live in North Yorkshire which is a beautiful place, in some areas, and there is plenty to do. I would love to live somewhere that is hotter but home is home.

I live with my partner and my son who is 5 in a lovely 3 bedroom house. There are some lovely people in our area and lots of family around us too. 8. What is meant by having multiple identities? Give three examples in relation to people you know. Example 1: Tasha is a part time nursery nurse at KinderCare day nursery, but it also a full time mother to two children and a carer for her grandmother. Example 2: Debbie is a carer at foresight residential home and is a regular church goer and a youth worker at the local community centre. Example 3: Dave is a delivery driver for DHL and also runs cadets in Peterborough. . What is meant by shared identity? Shared identity is when two people who may have different identities also have one in common; this is known as a shared identity. 10. Explain and give examples of how an individual can identify themselves as belonging to a number of different groups. People can identify themselves as belonging to a number of different groups based on a varity of things about themselves. For example: A female in her 50s who likes to go to church, watch coronation street and wears only black clothing could say she was old, religious, likes to watch soaps and is a goth. 1. Describe yourself in terms of your multiple identities. I am 21 years old so with a 6 year old son so I would class myself as a young mother. I am studying to get qualifications therefore I am a student. I love to go swimming, running and to the gym and would say I am a massive sports fan. I have no religious beliefs. Every weekend I look after my nieces and nephew which makes me an auntie and I also take care of my father who is disabled which therefore also gives me the identity of a daughter and a carer. 12. What is meant by stereotyping and labelling?

Stereotyping is when an individual or group is given a name based on race, religion or other aspects through common perception. Stereotyping can sometimes be positive. Labelling is when someone labels someone based on a specific characteristic or identifying them through discrimination. 13. Explain why some people stereotype others. Some people stereotype others as it makes it easier for themselves to understand why that person is different. 14. Provide two examples of the damaging effects that stereotyping and labelling can have on people.

Stereotyping and labelling can cause damaging effects on people as it can cause them to not be the individual that they want to be. This can make them question who they are, the beliefs even they way they act and dress. They then feel the need to try and fit in with everyone else feeling they are an outcast. Stereotyping and labeling can also cause damaging effects as people then begin to judge someone before they actually know what they are like. For example a teenager wearing a hoodie may be classed as a thug but could be a very nice helpful member of society. This can make someone feel like a social outcast.


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