Unit Biology Paper Essay

Do not write outside the ox around each page or on blank pages. 0 Do all rough work in this book. Cross through any work you do not want to be marked. Information 0 The marks for questions are shown in brackets. 0 The maximum mark for this paper is 60. 0 You are expected to use a calculator where appropriate. 0 You are reminded of the need for good English and clear presentation in your answers. 0 Question 3(a) should be answered in continuous prose. In this question you will be marked on your ability to: – use good English – organism information clearly – use specialist vocabulary where appropriate.

Advice 0 In all calculations, show clearly how you work out your answer. Nonpolitical) G/K89530 6/6/6/6 Do not write outside the box Answer all questions in the spaces provide Peas grow in pods on pea plants. Pea plant Peas A gardener grew four varieties of pea plants, A, B, C and D, in his garden. The gardener counted the number of peas in each pod growing on each plant. The table shows his results. Variety Range of number of peas in each pod Mean number of peas in each pod 2-6 3-7 c Give one environmental factor and one other factor that might affect the number of peas in a pod.

Environmental factor -? Other factor (2 marks) (02) The gardener thinks that he will get the largest mass of peas from his garden if he grows variety D. Why is the gardener not correct? Suggest one reason. Mark) It is important that carbon is cycled through living things. After he has picked the peas, the gardener puts the dead pea plants onto a compost heap. Over the next few months, the carbon in the carbon compounds from the pea plants is returned to the air. Describe how. (4 marks) Turn over for the next question Turn over (03) There are no questions printed on this page

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The diagram shows the position of two glands, A and B, in a woman. Brain Uterus (womb) Name glands A and B 2 (a) (it) Gland A produces the hormone Follicle Stimulating Hormone (FISH). FISH controls changes in gland B. How does FISH move from gland A to gland B? Question 2 continues on the next page (05) A woman is not able to become pregnant. The woman does not produce mature eggs. The woman decides to have In Vitro Fertilization (IV) treatment. Which two hormones will help the woman produce and release mature eggs? Tick (0) one box.

FISH and Alternating Hormone (LA) FISH and estrogen Alternating Hormone (LA) and estrogen (1 mark) 2 (b) Giving these hormones to the woman helps her to produce several mature eggs. Doctors collect the mature eggs from the woman in an operation. Describe how the mature eggs are used in IV treatment so that the woman may become pregnant. (3 marks) 2 (b) (iii) IV clinics have been set a target to reduce multiple births. At least 76 % of IV treatments should result in single babies and a maximum of 24 % of treatments should result in multiple Suggest one reason why this target to reduce multiple births. 06) the clinics nave been set Two clinics, R and S, used IV treatment on women in 2007. Doctors at each clinic used the results of the treatments to predict the success rate of treatments in 2008. The table shows the information. Total number of IV treatments in 2007 Number of IV treatments resulting in pregnancy in 2007 Predicted percentage success rate 2008 1004 200 18-23 20 3-56 Compare the success rates of the two clinics in 2007. 2 (c) The range of the predicted success rate in 2008 for clinic R is much smaller Han the range of the predicted success rate for clinic S.

Suggest why. Marks) 11 (07) 8 A student is given a tube containing a liquid nutrient medium. The medium contains one type of bacterium. In this question you will be assessed on using good English, organizing information clearly and using specialist terms where appropriate. The student is told to grow some of the bacteria on agar Jelly in a Petri dish. Describe how the student should prepare an uncontaminated culture of the bacterium in the Petri dish. You should explain the reasons for each of the steps you describe. -? (6 marks) (08) 9

After the culture had been prepared, the student added one drop of each of five disinfectants, A, B, C, D and E, onto the culture. The diagram shows the appearance of the Petri dish 3 days later. Area where no bacteria are growing Position of drop to disinfectant Area where bacteria are growing There are areas on the agar Jelly where no bacteria are growing. Why? 3 (b) (it) The student concluded that disinfectant D would be the best for using around the home. Give one reason why the student might be correct. Give one reason why the student might not be correct. (09) 10 OLD is one form of cholesterol found in the blood.


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