United States Constitution And The Declaration of Independence Sample Essay

The United States Constitution and The Declaration of Independence are two of America’s most celebrated paperss that laid the foundation for it’s independency as a state and separation from British regulation. The undermentioned paper will compare these two paperss and decode the difference of the two.

While both Declaration of Independence and the United States Constitution contain of import information sing America’s independency they are besides different in many respects. Drafted by Thomas Jefferson. the Declaration of is Independence one of the nation’s most precious symbols of autonomy and Thomas Jefferson’s most abiding memorial. “Each settlement sent delegates to Philadelphia.

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Pennsylvania in 1774 to organize the First Continental Congress. Although the settlements were non prepared to declare war on Britain. they were really unhappy under British regulation. They began to debate whether it was possible to derive independency from Britain without traveling to war and. if so.

how they would travel about it. Unfortunately. King George III learned of the civil agitation in the settlements and sent extra military personnels to protect his belongings and quell rebellions. Since England was non willing to negociate. war was inevitable” ( History of Independence Day )In exalted. unforgiving and unforgettable phrases. the Declaration of Independence expresses the strong beliefs under the British regulation in the heads and Black Marias of the American people.

The Declaration of Independence is a powerful papers that contains signatures from representatives from the 13 settlements. It besides contains verbalism that accuses the so present King of Great Britain [ George III ] of ignoring Torahs. mistreating his power as male monarch and holding a blazing neglect for the best involvement of the people populating in the settlements. The Declaration of Independence refers to the so current province of conditions under British regulation of so King George III as being one of subjugation.

The United States Constitution was formed several old ages after the Declaration of Independence and serves as the base outlook that the United States will run under. The Fundamental law of the United States is the basis of our American authorities and this papers describes the construction of the authorities and the rights of the American people. No jurisprudence may be passed that contradicts its rules and no individual or the authorities.

is exempt from following it. This is why it is normally called the supreme jurisprudence of the land. The intent of the authorities is found in the Preamble and for the authorities to be successful ; the Establishing Fathers established three chief rules on which our Government is based:1. Built-in rights — rights that anyone life in America has2. Self authorities — authorities by the people3. Separation of powers — subdivisions with different powersThe United States Constitution is known as a life papers because it can be amended.

The Constitution is a papers strong plenty for safety and at the same clip it is flexible plenty to let for freedom. The Constitution is organized into three parts:1. Preamble – describes the intent of the papers and authorities2. Articles – set up how the authorities is structured and how the Fundamental law can be changed. There are seven articles.3. Amendments – alterations to the Constitution ; the first 10 are called the Bill of RightsDecisionIn decision. while these paperss compliment and surely enhance each other.

there are distinguishable differences in these two really historic paperss. Both the Declaration of Independence and the United States Constitution helped in organizing the authorities policies. processs. regulations and Torahs that this state has established. but they convey different messages. “The United States Constitution reveals the basic Torahs and rights that are offered to each American citizen. The Fundamental law of the United States comprises the primary jurisprudence of the U. S.

Federal Government. It besides describes the three head subdivisions of the Federal Government and their legal powers. In add-on. it lays out the basic rights of citizens of the United States” ( Library of Congress )The Declaration of Independence revealed that the 13 settlements were being treated unfair under British regulation therefore naming for a alteration to go independent. The Declaration of Independence helped the United States become independent and paved the manner for it’s separation from the British regulation.

Therefore taking the manner for the of the United States Constitution.Reference ListHistory of Independence Day. Retrieved October 15.

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gpoaccess. gov/constitution/index. hypertext markup language


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