Urban Land Use Models A model is a pattern which can be used to help explain reality The Burgess Model Essay

Urban Land Use ModelsA model is a pattern which can be used to help explain realityThe Burgess ModelIn the burgess model the Central Business District (CBD) is at the center with a series of rings around it. As the rings get further away from the center the houses become newer and the people that live there get wealthier.An example of this is Blackburn.The Hoyt ModelIn the Hoyt model the CBD is also found in the center. The remaining functions form sectors or wedges. This is because some functions are attracted to features like transport routes.Central Business DistrictThe Central Business District is the centre of town and contains public buildings, shops, offices and the railway station.

Because of this there is a competition for land so prices are high although offices and shops are willing to pay this much because it is important for customers to reach them.Factories/IndustryThis is where various workers worked in production, not selling. Being near the people does not matter as items were ordered.

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This means they can be large and noisy… as it doesn’t disturb other people. Factories are usually placed next to other factories.Low Class ResidentialThis is where poorer people live.

The houses are small and cheap. Many do not have gardens or garages and are set in narrow streets. The people that work here are mainly workers from the factories or the CBD area.Medium Class ResidentialThese are much nicer but more expensive houses. These houses have their own gardens and possibly garages. They are semi-detached and are bigger.

High Class ResidentialThese houses are detached two stories high houses. They are expensive and are only for the wealthy. They all have gardens and garages. These may be placed in a housing estate.


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