US Secret Service Essay

Secret Service Division began on July 5. 1865 in Washington.

D. C. .

to stamp down imitative currency. In 1867 Secret Service duties were broadened to include “detecting individuals commiting frauds against the authorities. ” This appropriation resulted in probes into the Ku Klux Klan. non-conforming distillers. runners.

mail robbers and land frauds. In 1901. Congress informally requested Secret Service Presidential protection following the blackwash of President William McKinley. The undermentioned twelvemonth. in 1902. The Secret Service assumed full-time duty for protection of the President.Two secret agents were assigned full clip to the White House Detail ( see “The U. S.

Secret Service in History” ) . In 1984 Congress authorized the Secret Service to foster look into Financial Crime misdemeanors associating to: • Credit/Debit cards • Computer and Telecommunications Fraud • Fraudulent Identification paperss • Bank Fraud ( entree device fraud. progress fee fraud. electronic financess transportations. and money laundering ) • Fiscal Institution Fraud • Core Treasury Violations still under USSS legal power under Homeland Security: • Counterfeit cheques • Treasury Checks • Counterfeit Bonds • Counterfeit Money? P Notes? OMC Notes? Off-set The purpose of this paper is to size up and cognize important inside informations about the United States Secret Service.

II. Background On October 26. 2001. President Bush signed into jurisprudence H. R.

3162. the “Uniting and Strengthening America by Supplying Appropriate Tools Required to Intercept and Obstruct Terrorism ( PATRIOT ) Act of 2001. ” In outlining this peculiar statute law. Congress. recognized the Secret Service doctrine that our success resides in the ability to convey academe. jurisprudence enforcement and private industry together to battle offense in the information age.As a consequence.

the U. S. Secret Service was mandated by this Act to set up a countrywide web of Electronic Crimes Task Forces ( see “U. S. Security Service” . Grolier Encyclopedia of Knowledge.

pp. 768-771 ) . The construct of the Electronic Crimes Task Forces or ECTF is alone in that it brings together non merely federal. province. and local jurisprudence enforcement.

but besides prosecuting officers. private industry. and academe. In add-on.

the common intent is the bar. sensing. extenuation. and aggressive probe of onslaughts.Presently over 20 Electronic Crimes Task Forces and Electronic Crimes Working Groups crossing the full state ( see “United States Secret Service” . Wikipedia. the free encyclopaedia.

February 15. 2007 ) . III. Discussion The New England Electronic Crimes Task Force are the USSS. ICE.

DOT. IRS. ATF. DOD and local sections such as Norwood. Medford. Boston.

and Cambridge. At present. there are high tech offense tendencies that are happening like recognition card skimming/parasitic devices. phishing cozenage ; web invasion and individuality larceny ( see “United States Security Service” . New Standard Encyclopedia.

pp. 654-657 ) .


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