Every year, thousands of students throughout the world choose a specific college and many of them choose their respective school for the wrong reasons.

I was one of those students, only considering schools that were local and were in great cities to further my education in. As a senior choosing where I would like to attend, I was not passionate about any of the colleges I had the privilege of choosing from. Although I was not ferverous about the college I chose, my peers constantly told me of the great things about the school I chose and I thought it best for me give Occidental College a chance. Time passed, I made some friends and I became acquainted with some amazing professors and other mentors but one thing made itself clear after great contemplation and frustration, passion is not created, it is inherent in itself and cannot be forced. My professors pushed me to study and understand the material the best I could, my friends opened me up to amazing new opportunities, and with all of these things, many great experiences were had. Besides all of these great things, no matter how much I forced myself to open up to amazing new opportunities, the passion that I had for courses, people, and things could not be translated to the college that I chose to attend. The process of discovering this was beyond frustrating because I kept forcing myself to try and find passion where there was none.

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Regardless of any grades that I earned, any friendships I made, and any events I attended, nothing allowed me to find passion where there was none, leaving me to search for something that did not exist in the first place. After having discovered my passion for mathematics and economics, I became determined to pursue these fields to the fullest extent that I could. These fields challenge not only my ability to solve problems but also my ability to assess and think critically and consider all alternatives to solving problems.

Although my college does offer both economics and mathematics majors, they do not offer any joint majors such as an Economics/Mathematics major. On top of that, my college does not offer any classes pertaining to business, specifically business eeconomics, either which I found to be disheartening considering my passion for business as well. Despite the fact that my college did force me to challenge myself in a way I had never been challenged before, they do not offer these courses or joint majors while USC does. It is for these reasons why i am looking to transfer.As my pursuit of transfer options began, USC kept standing out to me for many great and phenominal reasons.

Firstly, the academic eminence that the university contains kept leading to my spending hours just researching more and more about the classes, programs, and majors that they offer. Along with reading about the array of classes and works of the professors at USC, the comments that alumni in my extended family and friends had to say about USC kept standing out to me. A common theme amongst all their judgements of the school was USC’s ability to encourage their students to stay motivated, pursue their passions to the fullest extent, and challenge them to produce only their best work in the pursuit of greatness and diversity. By attending USC, I hope to diversify myself in many different fields while also attempting to be one of the top students in my class. In spite of all these reasons as to why I would like to transfer to USC, there is one other that stands out above all others.I was only seven or eight years old when I first became formally acquainted with the Trojan Family at a USC football game against Stanford many years ago. The passion that so many have for the school, the energy that can be felt throughout the campus and coliseum, and the overall ambition to achieve greatness at USC has driven a gut feeling within me that I was not able to describe for the longest time, until recently.

 A sense of purpose, being, and passion have been felt for years now and flares whenever I visit the campus or speak with a student or alumni about the university. Many have told me throughout my life to act upon gut feelings and my gut feeling tells me that the University of Southern Califoria is the right university for me. Although my first semester took much getting used to, I know that I will meet USC’s expectations in the semesters following. I feel that there is no better timing to apply as a transfer student than this year. USC’s programs would give me the opportunities to pursue my academic, professional, and personal goals. To me, there would be no greater privilege in the world than to pursue my academic, professional, and life journey as a student attending and graduating from the University of Southern California.


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