Use It to Aid Communications Essay

Word processing:Below, shows Tony Tang asking me for help on explaining the principles of effective communication and me sending him a document back explaining each principle.

This is a form of communication, which we have used Microsoft Word to write out document. The layout/form that you are able to use on Microsoft word will aid communication as it can target to a certain audience. You can plan how you write and set up the document, also once finish up writing your document you are able to send this to other people therefore this will aid communication.

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For example, if you are a teacher you can print of a word document for your class so you are able to show them what to do.Presentation software:Below, shows a presentation that was used in an ICT subject to teach students in year 12. This is a form of communication as the teacher will present the PowerPoint and the students will ask or answer questions. Presenting a presentation will aid communication because not only does it produce words for the audience to see, it can also create images, sound, videos and animations. For someone who is blind, the presentation can include sound which will aid their communication and still allow them to listen on what is happening.

Also, using animations and videos will engage the audience more; therefore this will uses IT to aid communication for a variety/range of audience.Email:Email is a form of sending messages and files electronically from one computer to another, via the Internet. Emails are sent without having to pay an actual fee for each email sent, but only for the Internet connection. There are two ways in which Email can be accessed; using an email software package or an internet/web based system: 1.

) Using an email software package, for example, Microsoft Outlook Express, you can write emails even if you are not online and save it to your message outbox so that when you go online again, the saved email is automatically sent.2.) A web-based email system, a widely used example is Hotmail or Yahoo, in order to read and write emails, you need to be online at all times Below is an example, I have asked my teacher by emailing her what work I need to do and she has sent me a email informing me what I have to do for one of my task.

Also showing how the email features can aid commutation. This aids communication because it shows who the email is directed to and the importance of the email. It also aids communication as you are able to send it to multiple users and they are also able to reply to your email therefore this is a form of communication. This is the field, so you can enter who you want to email the message to.This is the blind carbon-copy field which is similar to ‘Cc’ but with an important difference.

This means that the receiver of the message will not be able to see who it has been sent to. This is the carbon-copy filed which will contain who you want to receive the copy of the message.Google translateYou can also use Google translate to aid communication by translating a language into your preferred language. For example, if you are reading an article that is in another language you can copy the text into Google translate and it will translate the information to you in your preferred language.

The example above shows a translation of English to Spanish. This will aid people in communicating because if someone does not understand a certain language they are able to translate it through Google translates.


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