Using knowledge of Croydon comment upon the validity of the Bid Rent diagram Essay

Croydon is an area with many different features. It has places for retail, entertainment, housing, business offices, education and transport links to London and other areas of England. Due to these factors Croydon has huge amounts of desirability for people and also accessibility to many other places.

These are the main factors in the Bid Rent theory.The retail industry in Croydon is mainly situated around the one area, North End. There is a wide range of shops, varying from large department stores such as Marks and Spencer and British Home Stores to specialist shops i.e. jewellers in one area. All of these shops attract large numbers of people from the surrounding areas.

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Having all of the shops located in a similar area means that they can be close to their competitors and keep prices down. Many of these shops have more than one floor, this is because it is cheaper to build upwards than outwards, because no more land is needed, and in areas such as these the land is very expensive.Slightly further out from the centre is the area for entertainment and restaurants.

A new, large cinema has just been built which will attract many people to this area. This cinema has had to be built upwards rather than outwards because there is not enough land to build such a complex. The high street is occupied by many restaurants which are a huge asset to Croydon because there is such a variety and choice. There are also many pubs and clubs that are of a similar distance away, but in the opposite direction.There is little housing in the centre of Croydon, but more is being built to try and accommodate as many people as possible.

This accommodation is mainly flats and a few terraced houses. This is due to the high level of land values.The main areas for commercial businesses are on Wellesley Road and Dingwall Road. The regional headquarters for Nestle are situated here and also many insurance companies and law firms. The main reasons for these locations are the accessibility to other areas.

This means that they can travel to other areas easily and clients can also reach them with little hassle.The transport links around Croydon are very good; there are two train stations within walking distance of all the main areas. One of which has regular trains to most areas of London and the rest of the country.

There are also many bus routes near the centre of Croydon that make it easy to arrive and leave Croydon if people do not have cars. A tram system has just recently been developed and has proved a very successful method of transport; it has lead to a decrease in traffic congestion levels and also a decrease in pollution.There is also a college near the centre of Croydon, because of its location it is very accessible to people from many different areas and therefore attracts lots more people to the area. This is the only form of educational establishment in the centre but slightly further away there are many other schools.Towards the outskirts of Croydon there is more housing that is suitable for many different people.

The land tends to be cheaper and therefore more affordable for families.The Bid Rent theory is valid for Croydon, as shown above. The office and retail developers are willing to pay the high prices that are asked, for land that they most want, which is in the central part of Croydon. The retail developers can also afford to pay the prices because they will make a lot of money out of it. Residential users cannot afford the high prices of this area and so live in areas that are further away and more, newer houses have been built that are suitable for them.


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