Using Led Light Bulbs Instead of Standard Incandescent Lights Essay

Dear Mr. Schultz: Ever since we opened our first store 1917, we’ve always believed that businesses can – and should – have a positive impact on the communities they serve. I know that our company is already finding ways to become more environmentally friendly, but after conducting research, I believe that one small additional change will cut our company’s utilities greatly. Background and Purpose Starbucks Corporation can become more energy efficient by using LED light bulbs instead of standard incandescent lights.About 80 percent of our company’s total carbon emission solely comes from the energy use in our stores. This means that energy use is our single biggest impact on the environment, but it is also our biggest opportunity to make considerable improvements.

Until recently, energy was cheap in this country. Also, wouldn’t you like to earn the trust and respect of our customers, partners and neighbors? How? By being responsible and doing things that are good for our planet and each other.By simply switching to LED lights, we can (a) save money, (b) conserve energy, (c) increase efficiency, and (d) build stronger relationships with our customers, partners and neighbors while becoming a positive influence.

Proposed Plan After much thought and consideration, we have come up with the following plan. Survey. We will create a short but thorough questionnaire which will collect the data you need for this project.The survey will include open-ended and closed questions regarding that person’s personal experience with LED and incandescent lights. We will survey people with different perspectives.

Some will have home experience and some will have store experience. We’ll be focusing more on LEDs used in stores. A few questions the survey will address might regard utility bills, light bulb lifetimes, light quality, heat pollution from the lights, customer value, and other various…


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