Values and Moral dilemmas Essay

As human existences grow. they develop the ability to measure what is right and incorrect. acceptable and unacceptable.

In other words. we develop morality ; a system of erudite attitudes about societal patterns. establishments and single behaviour used to measure state of affairss and behaviour every bit good or bad. right or incorrect ( Lefton. 2000 ) . But state of affairss in existent life are seldom black or white ; more frequently than non. they occur in sunglassess of grey and some are so reasonably balanced in their pros and cons that they seem to show no socially right solution. Such state of affairss are termed as quandary.

When ethical motives clash. the quandary is a moral quandary. Code gray- ethical quandary in nursing is a docudrama movie which deals with four instances showing conflicting state of affairss that nurses may come to footings with during their work.

One of the four instance surveies trades with Olive. an 88 twelvemonth old adult female. who is watchful and cognizant but a trifle unsteady on her pess. She has fallen a few times but has escaped serious hurt until now.

The nurses have instructed her to name for aid before traveling about but in the procedure of asseverating her independency. she has paid no attentiveness to the instructions and wanders off on her ain.The nurses.

with concern for Olive. have now suggested that she wears a belt around her waist. which would remind her non to walk off unaided. Olive is clearly suffering about the thought. She does non wish to lose her independency but as a shock absorber against a possible serious hurt. the nurse persuades Olive to be restrained. The expression of hurting in Olive’s eyes is conspicuous. Situations similar to this are bound to face me during my nursing calling.

How would I cover with Olive’s state of affairs? Would I see restrain as a proper solution? If Olive is unrestrained and she falls quarry to an hurt. would I be responsible for it?These are the inquiries which can be answered merely after a deeper penetration into my personal and professional values. Value System and general background Valuess are defined in literature as everything from ageless thoughts to behavioural actions.

Valuess refer to standard for finding degrees of goodness. worth or beauty. Valuess are affectively loaded ideas about objects.

thoughts. behaviours etc that guide behaviour but non needfully necessitate it ( Rokeach. 1973 ) .

They guide choice or rating of behaviours or events. and are ordered by comparative importance. They transcend specific state of affairss.Personal Values Personal values are initialized in a kid at a really early age through imitation and mold of parents and important others ( William Bennett. 1993 ) . My personal values range from truth.

honestness. justness. creativeness. good behavior. ego assurance. But one value that I hold beloved is empathy. Empathy refers to the inclination of reacting to another person’s mental.

physical or emotional province with feelings resembling those of that individual. My first realisation of empathy came when I came to footings with the agony and destitution of the people populating in slum countries near my town.That was the first clip in my life that I felt person else’s hurting as my ain. Empathy besides becomes a beginning of moral and selfless motive by bring oning selfless Acts of the Apostless to do person experience better.

Another value that I hold close to my bosom is the dedication and complete engagement in any work that has been entrusted to me. I try to make my assignment to the best of my capableness and keep myself responsible for all the events related to that work. This value was initialized in my character as a consequence of thoughtful support forms. i. vitamin E.through consistent and fruitful wages and penalty forms followed by my household and instructors during my childhood.

I was taught. as a kid. to esteem my work. It started from little undertakings like irrigating the kitchen garden. or making the dishes one time a hebdomad. But the consequence was the ingraining of a strong will to finish my assignments every bit good as possible. Professional Values The Code of Ethics for Nursing.

developed by the ANA. positions nursing as a profession that has a distinguished history of concern for the public assistance of the sick. injured and vulnerable.In conformity with such a profound history. a figure of moralss and professional values are associated with this baronial profession. At the top of my list of valued values. is respect for human self-respect and unity.

All human existences deserve a humane intervention irrespective of their personal properties or life state of affairss. A professional relationship with patients can be wholesome. satisfying and fruitful merely if I respect their right to be treated with humanity. self-respect and compassion. Accountability is another professional value that I strive to instill in my character and character as a nurse.I would be and should be accountable for everything that happens in my ward or to my patients for better or for worse. Personal and professional values My personal and professional values. in general.

conform to each other and present an incorporate and cohesive image. Empathy and regard for human self-respect. in kernel. root from the bigger virtuousness of selflessness. Empathy is considered an of import constituent of selfless personalities which is more involved in pro societal behaviour.

Dedication toward work would of course animate feelings of keeping oneself accountable for away and on state of affairss at work.Therefore. my personal and professional values are non conflicting in a normal state of affairs. But since the given state of affairs is conflicting. it makes my values seem at dunces with each other and therefore makes determination doing hard. Empathy. selflessness and regard for human self-respect present one potentially right solution as the most feasible. whereas answerability and sense of duty push frontward another solution and trade name it correct.

The struggle is supreme and problematic. My normally good incorporate values are showing a really confusing and colliding scenario. The solutions are many and it is really hard to take any.Analysis and Application Olive- restrain or freedom? Empathy. selflessness and regard for human self-respect will take me light old ages off from keeping Olive. Parturiency is surely non a respectable solution to the above quandary. Olive is cognizant and active and her self-respect will surely endure a reverse if she is restrained or tied down to salvage her from hurt. Such intervention to a human being is about beastly in nature irrespective of the humane motivation behind it.

On the contrary. Olive is bound to wound herself if allowed to roll approximately single-handed. If she does victimise herself. would I non keep myself accountable for it?Parturiency to bed after a serious hurt would be even more corrupting to Olive than being restrained as a preventative step. I am responsible for the well being of my patients and in order to protect her from any indecent incident. I would be compelled to believe of parturiency as a necessity to safeguard her self-respect and wellness. Conclusion The state of affairs as above which do non hold a right or incorrect solution.

are considered quandaries. We have to happen shelter under the caput of values and ethical motives to decide such struggles and our actions in similar instances will be guided by our thought of what would be the best for the patient.Our well built value system is the one which creates the quandary and will finally be the one which will decide it to a satisfactory solution.

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