Vegan? Essay

According to the Vegetarian Resource Group, there are as many six to eight million people alone in the United States that are vegetarian and since the 1980s the interest of vegetarians has risen dramatically (Derr). There are many people who argue every day whether or not it’s better to be a vegetarian or better to be a meat eater. There are many arguments that go into all the discussion. Some arguments include ethical reasons, health reasons, and for the environment. There are a lot of ethical arguments that are made.

One of them is that the number of animals killed per hour in the United States for meat is 660,000. Also the highest turnover rate for a occupation in the United States is the worker in a slaughter-house. Working in the slaughter-house environment has the highest rate of on-the-job-injuries in the United States (The Ethical Vegetarian).. Another is because of how the animals are killed. Another argument for becoming a vegetarian is because of health reasons. Many people that that eating meat is not healthy for you at all, especially on an everyday basis.Arguments such as cancer increacements have been made.

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Women who eat meat on a daily basis compared to women who eat meat less than once a week increase their chances of getting breast cancer by 2. 8 times more likely to get it. Women who eat eggs three or more times versus the women who eat them less than once a week are three times more likely to have an increased risk of fatal prostate cancer. For men who consume all meat, cheese, eggs, and milk on a daily basis versus less to not at all have a three point six greater of a chance of increased fatal prostate cancer themselves.As for cancer, meat also makes other health problems such as cholesterol. It is a fifty percent chance that a man death results in a heart attack. If a person reduces their consumption of meant, dairy, and eggs by ten percent it will lower the risk of heart attack by nine percent. A healthy cholesterol lever for people is less than 200 mg/dl (American Heart Association).

When people have a meat-centered-diet, their average cholesterol level is 210mg/dl. Also the chance of dying from a heart isease if you are a male and your blood cholesterol lever is 210 mg/dl is greater than fifty percent. There for, having a meat-centered diet as a person is not healthy for the person. Along with those reasons of health issues, these issues come up. Vegetarians generally have a lower risk of developing diabetes, obesity and developing high blood pressure. This is because these diets are usually lower in fat and higher in fiber. Because of this people tend to lose weight quicker because there are lower calories they eat.

At the same time as losing weight, you also lack energy (Frechman). As a person is vegetarian they get more vitamins, minerals, and nutrients but at the same time they won’t get enough calcium (which comes from dairy), pr essential fatty acids (which come from fish), or folic acid (which come from grains). Also missing from a vegetarian’s diet is protein. Protein protects your immune system and builds peoples muscle mass. There for if someone is a vegetarian for long enough, they could suffer from malnutrition (Frechman).

There for you can see that you can be a vegetarian and still be a lot healthier than someone who eats meat for every single meal, every single day. They have their own way of dealing with the loss of nutrients that come with eating meat. Another discussion is on ecological reasons. Going vegetarian is one of the greatest hopes for our planet remaining habitable, diverse, productive and comfortable for everything that lives on it including creatures, animals and humans. Studies show that livestock production wastes and pollutes our water.There is about either percent of water that is used on the planet, which just goes into livestock production (Veeg). By this happening, manure, drugs, and chemical runoff from our livestock production seeps into our planet, our planted foods, our rivers, our lakes, and even into the water we put on our table to drink. This water that we use and are around everyday can be and will get contaminated by the livestock production and become a disease vector.

The livestock production contributes to this global warming.The production creates dangerous greenhouse gasses that have led to a lot of this global warming. It has caused more damage than all of the human transportation creates (Veeg).

Livestock is wasteful and an unnecessary means that is creating net loss in usable calories. There for livestock has a lot to do with global warming so people should stop production and just be vegetarians. On the other hand these discussions don’t have a lot to do with anything. They are very small reasons. There are always other ways to doing things.People can eat meat and be just as healthy and or healthier than people who don’t eat meat at all. Many people do it, and you even see people who are vegetarians who look a lot less healthy than meat eaters do. In Conclusion, Vegetarian is a great thing and idea.

Anyone who wants a change in life should do it. It helps the environment. People over all become a more healthy individual and its for humanity reasons as well. As you can see there are millions of people around the world who do just fine in their situation.


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