Vegetarianism and Different Types Essay

Attention Getter: “What if you could alter the universe by altering what you eat? ” Today we face a war with fleshiness. To assist contend this war we would necessitate the arm of cognition. The cognition of vegetarianism is a arm that helps contend against fleshiness. By distributing the information and constructs of vegetarianism. we would be able to inform the universe the benefits that come with vegetarianism.

Preview: Why is vegetarianism of import?Relevant: To forestall fleshiness and to salvage animate beings from deceasing and going our repasts for dinner. Thesis statement: To understand Vegetarianism we would hold to cognize what vegetarianism is. the benefits of being a vegetarian and the different types of vegetarians. Specific intent: To inform my audience about the benefits and different types of vegetarianism.

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Body:I. What is Vegetarianism? A. The rule or pattern of excepting all meat and fish. and sometimes. in the instance of vegans. all carnal merchandises ( such as eggs. cheese.

etc ) from one’s diet. B. Vegetarianism is abstaining from the ingestion of meat. domestic fowl. seafood and the flesh of any other animate being. C. Vegetable and bean curds take and substitute the meat ingestion. Transitional phrase.

Now that we have talked about the definition of vegetarianism Lashkar-e-Taibas move on to the benefits.II. The Health Benefits of being a VegetarianA. Vegetarians’ diets are lower in concentrated fats. cholesterin.B. Vegetarians well reduced hazard for fleshiness.

Lower cholesterin. bosom disease. high blood force per unit area.

diabetes and some signifiers of malignant neoplastic disease such as the lungs and colon.C. There is no concern of devouring meat and hazard of going sick from the toxic waste some animate beings eat. For illustration. a hog. Bing a vegetarian is healthy and pure.

and fresh. D. There is no preservatives and is all-naturalE. American Dieticians’ Association besides asserted in its 2009 Position Paper on Vegetarian Diets that “Appropriately planned vegetarian diets have been shown to be healthful. nutritionally equal. and may be good in the bar and intervention of certain diseases.

” ( 1277 ) . F. A recent survey by Adventist scientists at Loma Linda University concluded that people who eat a vegetarian-type diet live an norm of 2. 4 old ages longer that people who eat a more carnivorous diet ( Quinn 36 ) .

Transitional phrase. Now that I informed you all about the wellness benefits of being a vegetarian. lets learn about the different types of vegetarianismIII. The different types of vegetarianism.A. Vegan – consumes vegetables. fruits. and grains merely B.

Ovo-Vegetarian –consumes vegetables. fruits. grains and eggs C. Lacto-Vegetarian- consumes vegetables. fruits. grains. dairy D.

Lacto-Ovo-Vegetarian – consumes vegetables. fruits. grains. eggs. dairy E.

Pesco – Vegetarian – consumes avoids ruddy meats and poultry but consumes fish and seafood. F. Occasional Vegetarian – consumes fruits. vegetables. grains. eggs. dairy.

fish and seafood. Transitional phrase: Now that I have discussed the different types of vegetarians with my fellow schoolmates. Lashkar-e-Taibas now review all the cardinal constructs I have discussed.


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