Versailles: The Results Essay

1) The parts of Source A that show that the German delegates were treated like criminals are: That first of all the Germans are TOLD to enter as if they were being ordered around like prisoners in a jail. Secondly they are being watched by two thousands people making it like an execution or a trial! And mostly at the end when it tells us, “We kept our seats while the Germans were conducted away like prisoners from the dock, their eyes fixed on some distant point.

” This shows how even though the Germans got up for the British in respect s pupils do to teachers, the British just sat there while the Germans walked away…

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Like prisoners…2) The cartoonist that drew cartoon C would definitely not agree with what Keynes said! Keynes, the British financial adviser at Versailles disagreed with most British, telling of how Germany would find it impossible to pay so much money. And that they were already in debt and needed to build their own country and sort things out with that first. They had deal with the money problems at home, without the pressure of having to pay the Allies as well!Whereas the artist of cartoon C was mocking the Germans and were basically making fun of the Germans!”Monstrous I call it. Why it’s fully a quarter of what we should have made them pay, if we’d won.

“This is basically joking by saying that the Germans are angry because they have to pay 25% of what they would have chosen to make the British pay if they had won. And the cartoonist being sarcastic is saying these things, as well as saying that Germany would have made them pay 75% more then they did.But I believe that the artist of D would have agreed with Keynes as they basically were expressing the same things as the cartoon was basically showing that the Allies should at least let Germany get to it’s feet first before making it carry out the heaviest of loads! Him expressing it as a horse not even able to touch the ground because of the weight of the load, and the load being unlimited indemnity, money etc, but how the owners, the Allies, are still pulling at it’s reigns and whipping it so that it would go. The caption being,” Perhaps it would gee-up better it we let it touch the Earth.” Saying that the Allies should at least let Germany sort itself out before giving it even more debts!3) To the French GovernmentYes, we have fallen behind in paying out reparations, it is true. But didn’t you expect us to? We have just been in a World War and need time to heal the land, and sort out OUR country and economy, but this has been made worse by you French taking everything from us! Firstly you took Alsace-Lorraine from us. One of our most important industrial areas, which WE have built so much of. Then there is Saar, our very important coalfield, which is in fact populated by mostly Germans, but now you are taking all the coal mined there for fifteen years?!How will we be able to pay our debts if we cannot make the money? Then you gave Eupen/Malmedy to Belgium.

An area with coal and iron in it which we also need to make the money to repay you. Plus so many more. And then you make us pay you �6.6 BILLION to you!? We are already poor and starved from the war, and now you are taking all our money. How do you expect us to pay so much at this time and so quickly? It is completely impossible. We cannot speed up the process of money any quicker and our countries economy is already in the worst area.

We cannot NOT fall behind with out reparations…

It is unachievable…4) The treaty of Versailles was supposed to stop Germany from ever coming back to power and being able to attack other countries…

But obviously this was a disaster as of course we all know about World War 2… The Treaty of Versailles should have made the victors either conciliate the enemy or destroy them. The Treaty of Versailles did neither. It did not pacify Germany, still less permanently weaken her, appearances notwithstanding, but left here scourged, humiliated and resentful.

This caused hate towards the Allies from Germany…

People wanted pay back… People wanted revenge! The treaty would lead to another war because of just what was written there. The Germans were forced to give away their land, army, livestock, industry and worst of all their money…

In fact �6600 million of it! The Germans wanted this back; it wanted its old land back and its money. It wanted its army and navy back! And one way to do this would be a war… Another World War… And this happened especially due to Hitler and his followers, the Nazis.

.. All because of a rushed, badly done treaty…


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