View of the World Essay

The fact that more and more people have been keeping a misanthropic position of today’s universe can be explained by their deep disenchantment with the bing societal order. conventions. and values. To some extent. by encompassing cynicism those people try to psychologically protect themselves against unfairnesss and unpleasantness of this universe. Contemporary faultfinders refuse to believe in the baronial values promoted by modern society as they have plentifulness of acrimonious grounds certifying that those values are normally empty words and beliefs while most people do things merely for their ain advantage.

Alternatively of concentrating on what today’s universe should be. faultfinders accept it as it is now and seek to accommodate themselves to its worlds. Cynics justify their place by the fact that they do non desire to be victims of self-deceit and letdown as it frequently happens. for illustration.

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to dreamers or optimists. If the latter believe in this world’s good virtuousnesss and ideals and have positive outlooks from it. faultfinders know that such outlooks frequently turn into letdown. dissatisfaction. and agonies.Today’s universe is far from being perfect. faultfinders emphasize.

and it is incorrect and even harmful to anticipate something good from it. What disenchantment is for others. it is world for faultfinders.

and in this doctrine they merely seek self-defense ( Bayan ) . Apart from moral and psychological protection against today’s imperfect universe. faultfinders besides see certain of import practical advantages ensuing from their philosophy. Idealists and optimists expect success from whatever they do while faultfinders do non except failure and. therefore.

work harder in order to cut down the possible negative effects of their failure.This attack motivates them to be more careful and attentive. and cipher everything they do to the last item. And.

unlike dreamers and optimists. faultfinders are prepared to cover with their failure when it occurs. since they anticipated it from the really get downing.

However. it frequently happens that their expectancy of failure and difficult work out of the blue turn out to be success. or at least their failure is far from being every bit serious as they expected it to be.

And for faultfinders. this is another cogent evidence that their philosophy does non merely insulate them against today’s world’s imperfectness. but besides on occasion contributes to their success ( Nussbaum. 2009 ) .

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