Virtual Computing Essay

Virtual ComputingWith the virtual world of computing exceeding to the cloud, endless possibilities await for whomever reaches the peak first. Microsoft and VMWare are competing to provide the virtual community with the best product. VMWare is using the vSphere5 Enterprise Edition to combat the Windows Hyper-V3 Server 8, and does a very good job at that. Microsoft has done has past amazing feats attempting to match VMware’s productivity and features.

Microsoft has met VMware and has arguably surpassed the competition and at a more affordable price. Meeting the scalability of VMware among the max RAM per host at 2 TB as well as the number of logical processors per host at 160. Far exceeding VMware in the maximum guest virtual disk, this gave Windows a big edge of 64 TB vs. vSphere 5’s 2 TB. When Comparing Memory, VMware is one up on Windows.

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VMware has been the leader in this technology of late and is trying endlessly to stay on top. vSphere coming with page sharing, memory compression and guest resources is able to keep them a float. Unfortunately VMware’s price is keeping the company at bay.

The two companies are doing their best to overtake each other and become the user preference. However it is in VMware’s benefit that they have been well established in this area of expertise however Windows is becoming the way of the future and is certainly one to bargain with.Works CitedBerg, M. V. (2012, January 20). Microsoft Hyper-V 3.

0 compared to VMware vSphere 5. Retrieved from UP2V:


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