Virtually Legal Essay

Virtually legal Cannabis is a well-known issue all over the world. The police and the DEA (Drug enforcement agency) have raids almost every day, and it’s quite often they find very big stashes of cannabis. Every country in the world think that cannabis is a big problem, even here in the Faroe Island we have a lot of trouble with it. But there are some countries that try to bend the rules so they can make some kind of profit from the cannabis. For example there is a part of the text that says that in California they charge about 99 US dollars so that you can get a doctors license to smoke marijuana.

Other countries try to make the sentence for possession disappear altogether, while other countries, like Denmark, try to make the sentences longer. But the problem is, that even though you put people in jail, it’s almost every time that they don’t even do a fraction of what they are supposed to. For example in Denmark where the sentence used to be 6 years, but most of the people did about 20 months. This is half of the time they were sentenced to! In Britain, it’s even worse.

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Here they only sentence about 0,2 percent off the offenders, and almost everyone only do 3 months out of the sentenced 5 years! I think this is a very good subject, because there are so many pros and cons. If you’re all about the legalizing of cannabis, you have a lot to support your belief, and it is the same the other way around. If you’re for it, you have a lot of good arguments. There is for example no mental or physical hazard when you smoke cannabis. The only thing it does is damaging your lungs.

It gives you a good and satisfying feeling, and can be used to treat all sorts of things, for example depression, migraine and a bunch of other sicknesses. There is a lot of evidence to support this, and that is why it is probably the biggest help the “hippies” have for legalizing cannabis. If you’re against the sale of cannabis, there are a lot of arguments too. Cannabis is for instance a good source to get hooked on harder drugs. The harder drugs have a lot of mental and physical hazards, and are often highly addictive.

Cannabis also has the disadvantage that it very hard to study and measure what it does to your body. This is both a pro and a con actually, because if something dangerous is in it, it would surely be banned for good. But when you can’t be certain, well that leaves us with the possibility of maybe legalizing it. This would be very good for some countries since they could make a huge profit from it, about 1,3 billion a year in the US. And furthermore it would also lower the cartels income quite a bit.

This would then again mean that the cartel would have less influence on the drug market, which would also resolve in a drop in the distribution of harder drugs like heroin and ecstasy. But altogether, it is very hard to decide on what you would like to believe. I think I’m a little bit for the legalizing of cannabis, but I’m actually not quite certain if it’s the right thing to do. Because if we give the people cannabis, then it’s going to be like it is with alcohol now. People who have tried alcohol often want to try their limits, and therefor try cannabis too.

But if you’ve already tried cannabis, then you would probably rather try something even harder, for example heroin. This is because people never get enough. It’s like the Danish saying: “mere vil have mere” which means: “more wants more”. This shows my point exactly. People never get enough. And therefor it is very hard for me to take a side in this argument, but as I said before, I’m probably a little bit for the legalization because it would have so much good influence on the world altogether. Kasper Lorenzen 12y


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