Virus biology Essay

These two cycles are known as the lit cycle, and the lessoning cycle. In the yeti cycle, viral particles are made from the host bacteria cell’s DNA, and replicas of the virus are made and sent back into the environment.

The steps that make up this cycle are: the virus latches to the bacteria cell, which then inserts its DNA into the bacteria, effectively taking over the cell’s machinery. It then reproduces itself and self-assembles. The replica viruses then burst from the host cell, destroying the host.In the second cycle, the lessoning cycle, the virus begins as a propagate, the latent form of a bacteriology, and binds to the bacteria. The viral DNA then gets incorporated into the cell’s chromosome, and is replicated along with the host cell’s chromosomal material. The basic differences between the two cycles is that the lit cycle is exhibited by virulent phages (otherwise known as bacteriologist), where the lessoning cycle is exhibited by temperate phages, and that lists, the destruction of the host cell, occurs only in the lit cycle.One way that we prevent these viruses from taking over our bodies is vaccines. Vaccines, often in the form of a shot, introduce a weakened form of the disease into the body.

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Given this introduction, the body is then able to create appropriate antibodies to fight the virus; therefore, if the actual disease were to make its way into the body, the antibodies created by means of the vaccine would simply return and rid the body of the virus.Some examples are viruses would be: polio, influenza, rhinoceros, voluptuaries, certain variations of leukemia, smallpox, and chicken pox. Some ways in which viral diseases can be transmitted are: bodily fluids, touching objects such as doorknobs, remote controls, r any surface that another person has touched, air-transmission, fecal contamination, and in some rare cases, from one species to another, such as a parasite to a host.

For the purpose of this project, I will be looking at the achievers (Enteric Osteopathic Human Orphan virus). The achievers is a virus, belonging to the Entertainers B species, is a highly infectious RNA virus that primarily targets children. The achievers is one of the leading causes of acute febrile, or a severe but short term fever, such as aseptic meningitis. The achievers has no specific treatment, but can be partially counteracted with the use of an anti-viral drug called application.Achievers can cause severe liver failure, and myocardial, sometimes to the point of death, and can be sympathized by a mild illness with a low fever, and/or a rash that spreads from the face down to the neck or chest.

Transmission of the virus is caused by person-to-person contact such as saliva, or indirect transmission such as contaminated water, food and objects that are touched by other people on a regular basis. Virus biology By Matthew


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