Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov was born April 22nd

Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov was born April 22nd, 1870, the son of an elementary school inspector and loyal czarist, Ilya in Simbirsk on the Volya. history of soviet russia, page 12-13 Lenin was radicalized early by the execution of his brother, Alexander, by the czar Nicholas III, for the failed attempt on the czar’s life. He was jailed and exiled for partaking in demonstrations against the czar, only to return later more learned and focused, and subsequently led the Bolshevik seizure of power from the provisional government of Russia in year here. While in power, Lenin instituted massive, sweeping changes based on his views of Marxism, which he declared the only true interpretation of it, eliminating dissent and heavily centralizing the government. With this, the idea of Communism has become concrete; Russia, and the world, were forever altered.
Lenin originally graduated high school with honors, and began to study law at Kazan. However, after being arrested for political demonstrations as a part of the student body, he was sent to the country. It was there that he witnessed first hands the suffering of the workers and the peasant class, and this punishment only reinforced and reinvigorated his beliefs. After petitioning the university several times, he was finally able to complete schooling at Kazan, and was admitted to the bar. He proceeded to move to St. Petersburg, and began advocating for Marxism among the many radical groups therein. There, he published “Who are the Friends of the People?” demanding the inclusion of the peasant class in the in the seizure of control from the government, positing that collaboration between the leftist bourgeoisie and the proletariat was both good and necessary.
After studying abroad and making connections with various other revolutionary groups, Lenin was arrested in December 1895, and served 14 months imprisonment. Subsequently, he was exiled to the frigid wastes of Siberia for three years. While jailed, he continued to write, adopting the pseudonym ‘Lenin’ to conceal his identity, damning all concession to the bourgeoisie. Upon his return, he along with a group of his closest collaborators published the Iskra, a revolutionary newspaper with Marxist ideologies


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