Volunteering In The Community Sample Essay

What do you make?
The faculty provides pupils with the chance to derive practical experience and apprehension of a not-for-profit administration. This is achieved by take parting for a period of volunteering throughout the twelvemonth and reflecting on this as a learning experience.

How long for?
Students should set in at least as much clip in their volunteering function as they would usually anticipate to in category attending and analyzing on a conventionally taught faculty ( i. e. 200 hours in entire ) . How this clip is split between arrangement and associated contextual survey is flexible. The arrangement may take the signifier of a fixed hebdomadal block. or ‘session’ of volunteering. or it may be more disconnected. taking the signifier of a individual larger block of clip. state over a weekend or during the holiday.

The existent sum of clip pupils spend per hebdomad volunteering for the administration is hence negotiable and needs to be balanced against any relevant readying. reading and composing up clip. However. pupils are expected to volunteer for the administration for a lower limit of 60 hours over the twelvemonth in which the faculty runs. Travel clip to and from the arrangement is non portion of the 60 hours. Any preparation undertaken is included in the 60 hours.

What else do you hold to make?
The balance of the clip that a pupil on a conventionally taught faculty would pass in private survey and readying can be made up in a assortment of ways e. g. initial dialogues with the administration and attending at preliminary interviews. travel to and from the arrangement. researching and composing up the associated assignments. meeting with University Tutor. or seting in extra ‘volunteering time’ . Attendance at the 9 support workshops which support pupil acquisition and appraisal is compulsory and is included in the entire 200 hours. For day of the months and times of Support Workshops see this usher. Detailss can besides be accessed in the Group Folder in WOLF – Topic Tools/Group folder/Global/Workshop Dates.

What if you’re already volunteering?
It may be possible to do usage of bing volunteering experience or contacts. This must be approved by the faculty leader. In such cases your write up will be expected to reflect this old experience and the fact that you will non hold had to pass so much clip negociating your arrangement.

How make you repair up the arrangement?
Advice and counsel on happening a arrangement will be given during the first 3 Workshops which take topographic point during the first 3 hebdomads of the faculty. You are strongly advised to do usage of the University’s Active Volunteer’s strategy – see University home page. World Wide Web. wlv. Ac. uk/activevol or see the Active Volunteers Unit which is located in MB Building on City Campus. Alternatively you can do usage of your ain personal or community contacts or see your local Volunteer Bureau. Volunteer placements other than those found through Active Volunteers MUST be approved by your seminar coach – failure to procure this blessing will ensue in the pupil being withdrawn from the faculty. The Oklahoman you start be aftering your arrangement the better as you may necessitate to obtain a CRB cheque or go to a preparation class before get downing.

You need to finalize your arrangement by 22nd November 2012 at the really latest. This will affect pupils doing agreements to run into with the volunteering co-ordinator in the administration ( s ) to which they are assigned to discourse and hold the work to be undertaken. so to subject the Volunteering Agreement to the faculty leader. Failure to subject the Volunteering Agreement will ensue in the pupil being withdrawn from the faculty.

Condemnable Records Bureau Checks
Any footings and conditions of volunteering or volunteering policies and processs used by the outside bureau will be obtained by the pupil and transcripts submitted to the faculty leader with the Volunteering Agreement. Some volunteering activities may necessitate you to be ‘police checked’ with the condemnable records agency. Students are reminded that all such information requested by the outside administration must be responded to truthfully. Sometimes the voluntary administration will carry on the CRB cheque and will pay for it to be processed. If non so LSSC Student Support Office ( MC125 ) will carry on the cheque. Students will be charged the amount of ?44 to treat the CRB. It is the student’s duty to bespeak the CRB from the MC125.

Particular note for 2012-13
When negociating your volunteering activity it is necessary to guarantee that you comply with all footings and conditions. policies and ethical processs of your host administration. You need to be cognizant that a Criminal Records Bureau cheque may necessitate to be carried out before set abouting peculiar sorts of volunteering activities. Most administrations will transport out these cheques – but due to recent and ongoing alterations in statute law you will necessitate to look into with the administration to see if a CRB cheque is required and if there will be a charge to transport out the cheque. You will necessitate to treat this application good in progress of the start of your volunteering. since any hold may forestall your full engagement and completion. You will necessitate to supply specific information and bring forth signifiers of individuality before using for the cheque.

For farther information expression at the Home Office Disclosure and Barring web site:

hypertext transfer protocol: //www. homeoffice. gov. uk/publications/crime/disclosure-and-barring/leaflet-england-wales? view=Binary

During the class of the volunteering. supervising and co-ordination will be carried out by the outside bureau in the same manner as for any voluntary. The specific name of a designated Supervisor should be obtained. who will function as a contact individual for any future treatment or correspondence sing the pupil. Subsequently. pupils and coachs will run into or pass on by electronic mail. WOLF fora. during the tutor’s office hours or via the support workshops to verify advancement of the volunteering. The pupil will be responsible for run intoing agreed deadlines on the volunteering understanding and subsequent assignments. Remember besides to look into WOLF on a regular basis. where information relevant to the faculty will be posted.

Ethical issues and confidentiality
It is of import that you consider the ethical dimensions of the volunteering that you are set abouting. If the nature of the volunteering you are requested to make by the administration involves covering with personal or confidential information about service users. clients or members of the administration. cheque and. if necessary. seek counsel sing the Data Protection Act and guarantee that ethical facets of the work are in conformity with the organisations’ ain codification of pattern.

Volunteers must rehearse safe. responsible behaviour online in conformity with the University’s IT Policies including the ICT Acceptable Use Policy World Wide Web. wlv. Ac. uk/PDF/its_uow_aup. pdf
You must besides read the Volunteer Rights and Responsibilities noted below before set abouting any voluntary activity:
Volunteer Rights
• To be actively involved in the host administration
• To hold a description of the volunteering function and what is expected of you
• To be given appropriate preparation for the function
• To be supported in your volunteering
• To be safe in your volunteering arrangement
• To hold any concerns or inquiries dealt with quickly
• To halt or alter the volunteering arrangement at any clip
• To hold personal information kept in a secure and responsible mode
• To hold unfastened entree to personal information kept by Active Volunteers
• To be recognised as an person

• To have up to day of the month information about the activities of Active VolunteersVolunteer Duties
• To stay by Active Volunteers. the University’s and the host organisation’s policies and procedures*
• To move in conformity with the University’s equal chances policy
• To inform the Active Volunteers office if a job occurs. any alteration in fortunes or if any volunteering is to be terminated
• To go to preparation where appropriate

• To esteem assurances
• To be dependable and inform the voluntary administration in good clip of any alterations in your in agreement degree of committedness
• To move suitably and put a good illustration to others when volunteering
• To be unfastened and honest with Active Volunteers
• To give feedback to Active Volunteers

Disciplinary Procedures

All Active Volunteers are capable to the University’s disciplinary processs at all times whilst on a voluntary arrangement and it is their duty to familiarize themselves with these.
In add-on to this. the voluntary will necessitate to familiarize themselves with the disciplinary processs of any LINK ORGANISATION ( s ) . and guarantee that they work within them.
*For illustration. voluntaries must rehearse safe. responsible behaviour online in conformity with the University’s IT Policies including the ICT Acceptable Use Policy World Wide Web. wlv. Ac. uk/PDF/its_uow_aup. pdf

Support Workshops
A series of 9 ten workshops will be held throughout the faculty to give counsel about procuring arrangements and support for assignments. Attendance at the Workshops is mandatory. You are required to go to one workshop in each of the hebdomads in which the workshops take topographic point – see ‘Indicative Schedule’ in this faculty usher.

There will be no single tutorials given covering the content of the workshops. All workshop stuffs will be placed on WOLF after each workshop – Topic Tools/Group Folder/Workshop Slides

Learning Materials:
When you attend the initial readying workshop you will be given inside informations of a scope of voluntary administrations who are registered with the University’s Active Volunteers Unit. The undermentioned web sites and books/articles may besides be of general involvement in believing approximately. planning and composing your work:

Books and Articles:

Anderson. P. and Green. P. ( 2012 ) ‘Beyond CV edifice: the communal benefits of pupil volunteering’ . Voluntary Sector Review. Vol. 3. No. 2. July. pp247-256
Brewis. G. . Russell. J. and Holdsworth. C. ( 2010 ) Bursting the Bubble: Students. Volunteering and the Community. Research Summary. Bristol: National Co-ordinating Committee for Public Engagement and Institute of Volunteering Research. World Wide Web. publicengagement. Ac. United Kingdom

Evans. E. and Saxton. J. ( 2005 ) The twenty-first Century Volunteer. NFP Synergy.
World Wide Web. nfpsynergy. cyberspace
Holdsworth. C. ( 2010 ) Student Volunteers: A National Profile. London: Institute for Volunteering Research and Volunteering England.
Holdsworth. C. ( 2010 ) ‘Why voluntary? Understanding motives for pupil volunteering’ . British Journal of Educational Studies. Vol. 28. No. 4. pp421-437.
Holdsworth. C and Quinn. J. ( 2010 ) ‘Student Volunteering in English Higher Education’ . Studies In Higher Education. Vol. 35. No. 1. . pp113-127.
Matthews. N. . Green. P. . Hall. D. and Hall. I. ( 2009 ) ‘The function of volunteering in passages from higher instruction to work’ in. R. Brooks. ( erectile dysfunction ) Passages from Education to Work. Palgrave MacMillan.

Matthews. N. . Green. P. . Hall. D. Hall. I. . Anderson. P. and Cameron. A. ( 2005 ) Volunteering in the sociology and cultural surveies curriculum: how does it alter the values and outlooks of pupils and community administrations? Centre for Sociology. Anthropology and Politicss: LTSN/HEA.

Ockenden. N. ( 2007 ) Volunteering Plants: Volunteering and Social Policy. The Commission on the Future of Volunteering. London: Institute for Volunteering Research and Volunteering England.
Rochester. C. . Ellis Paine. A. and Howlett. S. ( 2010 ) Volunteering and Society in the twenty-first Century. Basingstoke: Palgrave.
Russell. I. ( 2005 ) A National Framework for Youth Action and Engagement: Executive Summary from the Russell Commission. London: Russell Commission: HMSO. Http: //archive. cabinetoffice. gov. uk/russellcommission/docs/Executive_summary. pdf

Squirrell. G. ( 2009 ) Student Volunteering: Background. policy and context for NCCPE pupil volunteering inaugural. Bristol: NCCPE. World Wide Web. publicengagement. Ac. United Kingdom

Web sites:
World Wide Web. wlv. . Ac. uk/activevol?-?University of Wolverhampton’s Active Volunteers Scheme. World Wide Web. csv. org. uk?-?Community Service Volunteers
World Wide Web. vso. org. uk?-?Voluntary Service Overseas
World Wide Web. princes-trust. org. uk?-?Prince’s Trust
World Wide Web. volunteering. org. uk?-?Volunteering England
World Wide Web. ivr. org. uk?-?Institute for Volunteer Research
World Wide Web. ncvo. org. uk ?- National Council of Voluntary Organisations

Assessment Methods and Weights:

The faculty is assessed utilizing the 6 point class graduated table. A-F

The assignment is a Portfolio ( 100 % ) comprising of the undermentioned elements:
1. Volunteering Agreement – Pass/Fail: 0 %
• Completion of Volunteering Agreement templet ( see appendix 2 of faculty usher ) detailing nature of volunteering to be undertaken and risk appraisal. • Completion of Registration signifier for Active Volunteers

Failure to subject a completed signed Volunteering Agreement will ensue in an F class being awarded for the faculty.
2. Summary of Learning Aims and Objectives – 20 % of portfolio class 500 word statement sketching personal acquisition purposes and aims of the volunteering arrangement.
3. Volunteering Report – 80 % of portfolio class
1. 500 word single study detailing volunteering carried out. experience gained. organizational information and commentary. This includes in appendices:
• Organisation Feedback signifier completed and signed by your Supervisor in the administration ( see appendix 4 ) . This signifier MUST be submitted. Failure to subject the signifier will ensue in an F class being awarded for the faculty.

• Log of volunteering hours ( see appendix 5 ) Failure to subject the Log will ensue in an F class being awarded for the faculty
• Any other supporting paperss pupils deem suited.

All assignments to be handed into LSSC Student Office. MD edifice – Here 2 Help – with your seminar tutor’s name on them.

Assessment Undertakings:
See appendices 1. 2. and 3 at the terminal of this usher

Assessment Standards:
See appendices 2 and 3 at the terminal of this usher.

• Volunteering Agreement – by Thursday 22nd November 2012. • Summary of Learning Aims and Objectives – by Thursday 17th January 2013. • Volunteering Report – by Monday 29th April 2013.

All assignments to be submitted to LSSC Student Office in MD Building. You must maintain a transcript of any work whether it is submitted electronically or as a printed paper papers.

Follow the recommendations specified by your Subject.

Academic Misconduct
The University takes academic misconduct really earnestly. It can be defined as any of the followers: –
Cheat is defined as any effort to derive unjust advantage in an appraisal by dishonest agencies. and includes e. g. all breaches of scrutiny room regulations. portraying another campaigner. distorting informations. and obtaining an scrutiny paper in progress of its authorized release.

Plagiarism is the act of taking person else’s work and go throughing it off as your ain. This includes integrating either unattributed direct citation ( s ) or significant paraphrasing from the work of another/others. It is of import to mention all beginnings whose work has been drawn on and cite them to the full in conformity with the citing criterion used in each academic school.

Collusion is when two or more people combine to bring forth a piece of work for appraisal that is passed off as the work of one pupil entirely. The work may be so likewise in content. diction and construction that the similarity goes beyond what might hold been happenstance. For illustration – where one pupil has copied the work of another. or where a joint attempt has taken topographic point in bring forthing what should hold been an single attempt.

Where an offense is admitted. or a panel decides that rip offing. plagiarism or collusion has occurred. a punishment will be imposed. The badness of the punishment will change harmonizing to the nature of the offense and the degree of survey. Punishments will run from failure of the assignment under probe to a limitation of the award a pupil may finally accomplish or a demand to go forth the University. Further information can be found online on the University web pages or from the Students’ Union.

Tax return of Work/Collection Agreements:
The normal outlook is that pupil work will be returned within a three working hebdomad period from the entry day of the month. Roll uping your work is really of import since the written feedback provided on it will assist you understand why you have received a peculiar class. It will besides assist you to better your work and develop your accomplishments and knowledge further.

It is your duty to roll up your work. You can make this in the undermentioned ways: • Volunteering Agreement and Active Volunteers Registration signifier are non returned to pupils. These are retained by the faculty leader. Where signifiers are uncomplete the faculty leader will reach pupils via electronic mail for farther information. • Summary of Learning Aims and Objectives. returned in Workshop 7. hebdomad get downing 11th February 2013. • Volunteering Report. available from faculty leader– day of the month to be advised on WOLF. Alternatively. pupils may attach a stamped addressed A4/A3 envelope to your work when you submit it to the LSSC pupil Office ( where the work can be suitably posted ) and this will be posted to you once it has been graded ( nevertheless. we accept NO duty for any points lost during theodolite ) .

You must make one of the above. Please note that no classs will be issued by electronic mail. so please do non do such petitions.

Resit Information:

Volunteering Agreement
Submit new/resubmit redrafted understanding as necessary.

Summary of Learning Aims and Aims
Submit new/revised 500 word acquisition statement.

Volunteering Report
Submit new/resubmit/ redrafted. 1. 500 word concluding study and appendices.
In the event of unsatisfactory feedback from bureau ( e. g. non-completion of 60 hours ) or ineluctable barrier to successful completion of arrangement e. g. administration is unable to go on offering the work ; pupils must negociate farther appropriate period of volunteering – this can be in a different administration.


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