Walls of glass block give daylight to this bathroom Essay

Privacy-protecting glass blocks bring plenty of natural light to thismaster bathroom. Built into a remodeled garage, the bath sits next to apatio and pool and in full view of a breakfast room. Oakland architect William Remick put a floor-to-ceiling window, 4by 7 feet, along one wall of a combination shower and steam room. Inthis section, tall sliding glass doors isolate the steam from the restof the bath. Square white tiles in the shower and on the floor of thebath echo the grid pattern of the 6-inch-square glass blocks. The second window wall curves away from the bath and butts into anadjacent wing of the house.

The quarter-round pop-out let Remick extendthe bathroom counter an additional 2 feet and created a pocket deepenough for standing. Since the bath would serve as a changing room for swimmers and be aconvenience for those relaxing on the patio, Remick put an exteriordoor, flanked by a set of small-paned windows, between the glass-blocksections. Owners are Connie and Ralph Williams of Orinda, California.

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