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Situation: You register for a class required in your major. It is the last class you need to graduate. When you go to the first category meeting. the teacher tells you that your name is NOT on the roll. the class is full. and no other choice of the class is being offered. You’ve been shut of the category. The teacher tells you that you’ll have to prorogue graduation and return following semester to finish the needed class. Placatator: Ooohh good. material happens! It must of been a mark that I needed a interruption before graduation anyways. Blaming: I can’t believe my name wasn’t on the roll.

It can’t be! I’m positive that I registered for the categories. Geez its likely the instructors fault he likely skipped my name and missed me. Or the school system forgot to set my name on the roll. The school system ne’er works decently. Somethings ever needs to travel incorrect! Grading: I’m so disquieted and sad at the same clip. I should of doubled check when I registered for the category. If I had doubled cheque when I registered for category I wouldn’t be in this state of affairs! But now I know. so that when I come back following semester I’ll make certain I check three times merely in instance.

2. Too My Friends. My most ambitious academic end for this semester is to happen clip to analyze. I feel that I dont have much clip to analyze since I have school. work. and personal duties. I like holding friends to socialise because that builds up great communicating between one another. But besides it can be excessively much sometimes. I can’t ever hang out with you guys or go out to make material because one need to remain focused on my precedences. Having a difficult clip to happen clip to analyze is a stepping rock to my dream because if I barely have clip to analyze how will I be successful in my end.

My dream is to go a labour bringing nurse and I’m at skyline seeking to reassign to a University of California to be where I want to be. A large obstruction for me to acquire there are distractions like holding those type of friends that ever want to travel out and non travel to school. I love my friends but I don’t need those friends decelerating me down from my dream. If my friends are more motivated to make more school things so it will assist me a batch because we’re traveling together in school seeking to larn and make something better.

A reluctance for me to inquire for helper is non fear but more like how to inquire for it. Sometimes its hard for me to set words together for others to understand what I mean. If my friends are good to me and to themselves so school would be a batch easier for all of us. 3. My assertiveness in prosecuting my ends have been good so far. I’m on path of ends and doing certain I’m physically and mentally in category. I’ve been making all my prep and acquiring good classs on my trials.

It feels good knowing that you’re making good in school because I feel better about myself and less overwhelmed. I feel that mundane I give it my best to be closer to my dream. I learned that faulting others won’t acquire you anyplace. Blaming others won’t work out anything because you need to larn how to work out things on your ain. Pacifying won’t aid either because it kinda shows that you didn’t seek your best. Overall Tho. in leveling you learn because you learn non to make it once more and you’re seeking to work out a state of affairs on your ain in hope for it non to go on once more in the hereafter.


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